Castelbuono (Sicilian: Castiddubbuonu) is a town and comune in the province of Palermo, Sicily (southern Italy). It is especially famous for the castle which its name derives, and around which the city grew up in the 14th century.

Traditions and Folklore

One of the oldest traditions and feel of Castelbuono is to offer to the public, during the carnival, plays a satirical character that target people, places, events, events of local importance have taken place in the last year. A Castelbuono these representations are called "masks", in everyday language, while each of the nights in which they are represented in the public is called "Eve". The authors / actors, strictly local, underlining the peasant extraction of this tradition, meeting "masked groups", as early as the Christmas period undertake in writing scripts and in the design of the choreography and the performing found.

A Castelbuono different religious congregations are active both male and female. The male congregations have a centuries-old tradition and represented, anciently, the corporations of trades, or social status to which they belonged. The latter take part in the most important religious events that take place during the year in Castelbuono, in the first place for the procession that takes place during the celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint Anne, and the one for the Corpus Domini in which they participate, compulsorily, all confrati the residents in the country.

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