The origins and human settlements in the area of ​​Bra are very ancient, so much so that the human presence is detected already during the Neolithic era. In Roman times it was founded at the end of the second century BC along the valley of the Tanaro the city of Pollentia (now Pollenzo), an important center of commercial and military traffic between the ports of Liguria and the Piedmont plain. After the battle of Pollenzo, 6 April 402, when the Roman troops commanded by Stilicho faced and routed the Goths of Alaric, he began the decline of Pollentia. Some place names in the area of ​​Bra, as the location Gout, located on the hills of Bandit, a hamlet between Bra and Sanfrè, are to be considered, according to a local historian, Prof. Edward Moscow, ancient place names of Gothic origin. Maybe, according to the Moscow, it was on site allocations Gothic troops remained cut off from the main army in retreat of Alaric.

Following the decline of Pollentia, he began moving its inhabitants to the plateau of today's Bra, considered safer.

The Association was founded in 1986 and continues to be based in Bra in via the Mendicità Istruita. It has as its objective the promotion of the right to live the meal, and all the world of food, primarily as a pleasure. Founded by Carlo Petrini and conceived as a response to the spread of fast food and the frenzy of modern life, Slow Food studies, defends and disseminates the agricultural traditions and food and wine from all over the world.

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