Viale Brianza, 1 - Monza (Monza Brianza)

5/14/2017 - 9/10/2017


Starting from May, a huge number of athletes participating at various marathons will pass through Monza and through the natural paths of Monza’s Park. With the approaching of Summer Monza’s Sport calendar will be full of interesting and fun sport events for everyone:


  • After the success of the past editions, on the 14th of May, the awaited DieciK (www.diecikappa.it) will be back in Monza, a running event suitable for all runners, through the roads of queen Theodelinda’s city. The athletes will run along the roads, passing by the churches, the squares and the most amazing corners of Monza.


  • The MOMOT Monza-Montevecchia (www.momot.it), will take place on the 28th of May. It’s a totally “green” track, thanks to a route that will show the athletes amazing glimpses of the beautiful landscapes of Brianza, running through the natural paths of the Park of Monza, the Park of Alta Valle Lambro and the natural Park of Valcurone. The race is open to 200 couples of runners, who will run an important and ethic competition with a charitable nature.


  • On the 2nd of June the 38 Marcia Formula 1 LILT (www.marciaformula1.liltmilano.org) isn’t only a race in the name of fun, but also of prevention and fight against cancer. It offers four different tracks, to give everybody the chance to run inside the famous trails of the Autodromo and the green paths of the Park of Monza.


  • For the ones who desire to climb the top, and not only of the podium, on the 17th of June you can’t miss the historic Monza-Resegone (www.societaalpinistimonzesei.it): a 42 km nightrace, starting from Monza’s Arengario and arriving at the Resegone. Wonderful natural landscapes are guaranteed!


  • Nature and the emotional trails of the Autodromo, are the setting of the Mezza di Monza race (www.mezzadimonza.it), on the 10th of September. The international competition is composed by three different tracks (10, 21 or 31 km), starting from the famous grid of the Autodromo, after the illumination of the real traffic light used for the pilots of F1. From the heat of the asphalt to the race through the nature, colors and fragrances of the Park of Monza, passing along the historical buildings of Villa Mirabello, Cascina Casalta and the Fagianaia, and then coming back to the Circuit where the athletes will run the last km until the finishing line.


  • Regarding Bicycle races, we reccomend the adventurous Pedala coi Lupi of the 27th May (www.pedalacoilupi.com). If you are curious and brave enough to cycle in the moonlight inside the beautiful Park of Monza, through particular paths with special effects like mysterious creatures and burnt arches along the way, this is the perfect race for you!


  • There is another bicycle event, during the night of the 3rd and the 4th of June: the 12H Cycling Marathon (www.cyclingmarathon.com). 12 hours nonstop, from sunset to sunrise, you will have the possibility to ride along the track of the Autodromo! Alone, or with friends, thanks to the relay race format, you can spend a special night becoming a champion of F1.


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