Piazza Carlo Alberto, 8, 10123 - Turin (Torino)

12/5/2017 5:00:00 PM


In honour of the official recognition of the "Canto degli Italiani" as Italy's national anthem, we are offering a guided tour in discovery of anthems and songs, both popular and otherwise, from the Italian Unification. The tour involves the introduction and playing of a selection of tracks which retrace the significant turning points in the Unification: from the hopes of freedom of the "Va' pensiero" to the moderates' paean to King Charles Albert for his concession of reforms, right up to the penning of the "Canto degli Italiani" itself by Goffredo Mameli, a supporter of the Unification activist Giuseppe Mazzini, and from the explosion of popular songs and volunteers in the campaigns of 1848 and 1859 to the Austrian countermelody of the Radetzky March.

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