Milan Personal Shopper Experience in the Navigli Canal District - Event

Milan Personal Shopper Experience in the Navigli Canal District

Piazza del Duomo, 110 - Milan ()

6/7/2018 5:07:34 PM - 9/7/2018 5:07:34 PM


With a personal shopper at your full disposal, experience a fashion walk through Milan. Whether you want to find your new perfect outfit, to buy some real Italian gifts, or to get some authentic souvenirs, this is a must-do before you leave the city.

Are you in Milan and have a passion for the Italian world of fashion? Would you like to take the Italian look with you when you leave the city? Or maybe you're looking for some authentic fashionable gifts to buy for someone special? Then here's what you need. Book a unique shopping experience with a dedicated personal shopper who will be at your full disposal for 2 hours.

He or she can do the magic and advise you on the best kind of outfits for your and/or your friends joining the experience with you. They will look at your physiognomy, the shape of your body and face, your natural colors and your personality, and give you some very specific tips on how to highlight your strengths through a fashionable outfit.

If, rather than find your perfect new outfit, you'd prefer to use your personal shopper's guidance to choose  appropriate Italian presents to take home, they can accommodate that too.  You can be taken inside the most authentic Italian shops and boutiques around Milan, and advised on the most appropriate (and generally appreciated) souvenirs from the Italian capital of fashion. You can choose among different shopping options and locations. Choose one, select the number of people (maximum 4) and a date suitable for you. And above all else, enjoy!

The Navigli, Milan's oldest district, is famous for its antique dealers and markets. Every Sunday traders line the streets with stalls full of clothes, books, art and Italian rarities. Here you'll find wonderfully designed clothes and antiques.