New Year's Day at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin: Dinner and Concert by Berlin Residence Orchestra

Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, 7E - Berlin ()

11/10/2017 6:07:30 PM - 2/10/2018 6:07:30 PM

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98,00 €

Embrace the New Year classically with 4 hours of culinary and musical amusement at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin. Take a tour through the classical era with the Berlin Residence Orchestra and kick off the new year with some classical masterpieces.

Enjoy a 3-course dinner at Charlottenburg Palace followed by a 2-hour concert by Berlin Residence Orchestra on New Year's Day.

The ensemble will be dressed in costumes derived from different musical eras in the first half of the concert. The Berlin Residence Orchestra is presenting classical masterpieces of Vivaldi, Haendel, Bach and Mozart. In the second half of the concert the ensemble will present more modern sounds and will be performing waltzes and operettas of Dvořák, Lehár und Strauss while dressed in elegant evening wear.

3-Course Menu:

Porcino ravioli
Colorful mushrooms, white tomato foam, terragon pesto

Vegetarian Alternative
Porcino ravioli
Colorful mushrooms, white tomato foam, herbs
Main Course
Grilled beef filet
Parsley root, carrots, red onions, potato doughnut

Vegetarian Alternative
Filled Portobello
Colorful mushrooms, white tomato foam, terragon pesto
Chocolate Mille Feuille
Mango, Leibnitz cookie, peanut caramell

Musical Program:

Antonio Vivaldi - L`Inverno Allegro, Largo, Allegro
Georg Friedrich – Haendel Lascia chio pianga
Johann Sebastian Bach - Brandenburgische Konzert Nr.5 3. Allegro
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Sinfonie Nr. 29 1. Allegro moderato
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Deh vieni alla finestra (Don Giovanni)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Fin ch´han dal vino (Don Giovanni)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - La ci darem la mano (Don Giovanni)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Sinfonie Nr. 29 4. Allegro con spirito


Edvard Grieg - Hoberg Suite Preludio
Peter Tchaikovsky - Walzer
Johann Strauss - Mein Herr Marquis
Johanes Brahms - Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5
AntonÍn Dvořák - Walzer
Franz Lehár - Lippen schweigen
Vladi Corda - Alona Walzer
Johann Strauss - An der schönen blauen Donau