Pokémon GO: Catch Pokémon with us in Turin! (Turin)

For all coaches 2.0 Pokemon GO ... we present a path along the streets of Turin to advise the most special and famous areas where to find the largest number of Pokemon. Let's venture thus armed Smartphone (and Power Bank) in search of Pokémon!

Tony Cragg, Viewpoints - the Yard:

Near the Olympic Stadium, in the Yard, launch yourself looking for new Pokémon passing through the work of Tony Craigg, "Points of view." The sculpture was created during the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006 and is intended to represent the dynamism of sports events forming three spirals made of human faces and bodies that appear in movimento.A depending on your point of view can also look like a group of Onix! Who knows, perhaps these three spirals, high from 10 to 12 meters, one day they will have on their top the legendary Pokemon Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno .. Eyes Open Dear coaches! In a large open square like this, often the scene of sports training, in front of the Olympic Stadium and the Museum of Sport, sicurmente this is the place to catch many Pokémon and compete in a Gym! Also take the opportunity to recharge your instruments backpack with new Poké Balls, eggs and healing potions in many points "Pokéstop", monuments and famous points that become useful in the game as collection points of the tools and poke-ball, so as not to remain short of ammunition and complete your collection.

"The black machine" - San Salvario:

Going away from Piazza d'Armi go towards the city center. Benefit for a stopover in San Salvario area, the multi-ethnic neighborhood, perhaps the richest of elements of street art in the city. Here we saw for you rare specimens of ... murals! It is "Black Machine", the huge polar bear made by Nevercrew, a Swiss artist duo who, to sensitize people to the issue of oil pollution, has designed a true work of art. It is located near the Colosseum Theatre and is about 25 meters! The bear is not catchable, of course, but walking around the neighborhood you will notice other special works ... little advice, always pay close attention to the map of Go Pokémon to not miss a single one of the many Pokemon in the area!

Parco del Valentino:

High grass, you know, is full of wild Pokémon, the park also boasts several water areas. Venture inside the Valentino Park and head to the Rock Garden, near the medieval village, in order to admire the many art installations placed in the flower beds. all have been created by the artist Rodolfo Marasciuolo, which he created for the city of Turin a series of works with the ultimate aim of beautifying the many green spaces that the city owns. Among the many works scattered throughout Turin, the Rocky Garden, you will have certainly already noticed the two lovers streetlights or the fisherman, sitting on the bench, perhaps tired to fish only Magikarp! The Valentino Park is a 'great place to look for Pokémon, because it is full of "Pokéstop", to help you complete your collection in the outdoors. Here the only thing missing is the battery! Between Pokemon, gyms and Pokéstop grand Valentino Park will not disappoint. Rather! If you go during the weekend you will find it too crowded!

Slice of Polenta - Vanchiglia:

If during your journey you feel tired and above all hungry as a Snorlax, do not be fooled by the "slice of polenta" by Alessandro Antonelli. Not because it is the delicious Italian dish but of a historic building, perhaps the most extravagant of Turin! It is located in Corso San Maurizio, and he was given this nickname by Turin precisely because of its slice of polenta shaped trapezoidal structure and by its yellow color. The building, home Scaccabarozzi, Antonelli was a real challenge because it was designed with the basic rules of architecture limits and outside any context of the time. Rumors, inveterate walkers and inhabitants of the area indicates the area between here and the Palazzo Nuovo as an area full of Pokemon to catch. Catch them all!

Marc Didou, "Eco" - Palazzo Nuovo:

Ascents Corso San Maurizio and go to the Mole Antonelliana. Here, in via Verdi, do not be scared by the quirky sculpture "Eco" Marc Didou. The work consists of two human faces, stacked and mirrored in each other, they were depicted as intent to scream, perhaps to express a desire to communicate well beyond urban boundaries. The sculpture is located in front of the New Palace (Turin university building) and is composed of metal plates which, superimposed one on the other, they create a surreal image as if it were formed by a series of magnets mounted together. The area could be rich in Magnemite that, with their special shape magnet, would seem attracted by the work of French artist art.

Palazzo Madama

Higher and battery exhaustion (and yes, the Pokemon Go application consumes a lot 'between GPS and virtual reality!) We recommend a stop in Senate! The Civic Museum of Ancient Art in Palazzo Madama here in Turin, has shown great readiness and desire to get involved and has opened the doors to all Pokemon trainers. The challenge is simple, captured the pokemon inside the museum and photographed the six hidden elements, then you share on Instagram! Using the hashtag #pokemongo and tagging @palazzomadama will enjoy the extra prize: one free entry to the museum! You will find the museum a free wi-fi, the charging points for the battery of your smartphone and a relaxation area to rest in the middle of the mission.

Building with Piercing - Piazza Corpus Domini:

In the city center there is a building with a piercing. Yes, everything is possible in Turin as in Pokemon GO! Nestled on the corner of a building that overlooks Piazza Corpus Domini, the Corrado Levi piercing has become one of the strange symbols and a must see in the city. Walk upside of not to let you escape but also attention to the area Pokemon! It seems that the number of sightings is quite high and certainly given the place full of historical curiosities, by piercing the Cottolengo, the statue of the Conte Verde to Turin Town Hall, can only be rich in Pokéstop. Come on, it's time to recharge the backpack of tools and Poké Balls!


Having reached the end of our journey we recommend heading to the MAO Museum of Oriental Art proposes the coaches the same mission that we have seen proposed by the Senate, however conl'obiettivo easier to photograph only five hidden items, always sharing on Instagram, using the hashtag #pokemongo and tagging @mao_torino. Do not miss the chance to visit this fantastic museum and catch all the Pokemon in it! Pokemon GO, gout catch'em all!