Quadrilatero Romano: historic old town (Turin)

The area of ​​the Roman Quarter is known for the most popular restaurants in Turin. However it is also a historic downtown area very old and between a restaurant and an aperitif we recommend a historical very interesting.


Turin Cathedral and Porta Palazzo Market

Around the Cathedral, to see why it is the place where the Holy Shroud is kept, we find many remains of the ancient Roman city: progressing towards the Porta Palazzo market, the daily market largest in Europe and the city, we find the remains of a Roman theater. The area is also home to some of the archaeological museums of the so-called Royal Pole, the Savoy Gallery and the Archaeological Museum, which can be visited with a single ticket that also includes the Armoury and the Royal Palace. The Porta Palazzo market is so named because it is located near the Porta Palatina, at whose feet are statues of the emperors Augustus and Julius Caesar.

A few steps from the Porta Palatina, then always in the Roman Quarter, in Largo IV Marzo, we find the House of the Senate, one of the oldest buildings in the city. It is believed to have been home to the Dukes of Turin during the Lombard domination.

Let the area of ​​the Quadrilateral and Porta Palazzo to visit some of the most beautiful churches in Turin.


Via Milano and Piazza della Consolata: the Bicerin

Proceeding towards via Milan is the Basilica Mauritian, also known as Holy Cross, dated at the end of the sixteenth century. Leaving the Basilica Mauritian look to the three buildings on the corner of the intersection. The three buildings are the bestiary of Turin. These eighteenth-century buildings are decorated with heads of different animals, symbols of power, bull (the city), a lion (the nobility) and dog (religion), who were fighting the city and they seem to be studied each other.

In Piazza della Consolata we still find the contrast between sacred and profane. The Consolata, one of the most important churches of the city, is so ancient that it was built on the remains of a tower of the walls of the Roman Turin. Also in the square is the place where he was born bicerin, historic drink made with coffee, chocolate and cream of which is thought to be greedy Cavour.


Palazzo Barolo and MAO

Not far from the Basilica of the Consolata are two interesting museums to see. Barolo Palace, located in the old part of the Roman quarter is one of the best preserved aristocratic residences. Not far away it is instead the MAO, Museum of Oriental Art. The museum is arranged for plans representing various artistic sections of Asia.

At this point you just have to get to the Town Hall Square, where we find the seat of the Municipality of Turin and, in front of the entrance to guard the square, the monument to the Conte Verde. Nearby, in Via Town Hall no. 19, is the Palazzo della Volta Rossa, hospitalization of poor patients where Joseph Cottolengo, founder of the Little House of Divine Providence, began its assistance to the sick. Finally arriving at Piazza Corpus Domini, look up and you'll notice a building with piercing. It is "Stolen Kisses", a work of modern art created by architect Corrado Levi in ​​collaboration with Cliostraat commonly known as the Piercing Palace of Turin. On the sides of the piercing flow of drops of blood, from a side of red (the side of the town and the city's Civic) and the other in blue (the side that faces the Royal Palace, symbol of nobility).

Tired? We just need to find a restaurant here in the area Roman Quarter and enjoy the evening.