The Torino Film Festival (Turin)

Did you know that in time it housed several movie sets?  We want to bring to life scenes of some movies that you'll definitely heard and when capiterete in the streets of the city of Turin who knows if you don't imagine those moments.

Did you know that some scenes of "This little big love" were filmed at the station of Porta Nuova?

New gate is not only a station, is one of those places where one easily passes the time drinking coffee, while waiting for your train and is the perfect starting point for the beginning of our adventure. In recent years the station has been transformed into a more welcoming place and packed with all kinds of shops. In front there is a small oasis of relaxation, Piazza Carlo Felice, a space suitable for an ice cream and a good book.

If we move towards the city centre you can discover places where Paolo Sorrentino has shot several scenes of his film "Il Divo". In the film we find Via Carlo Alberto, Via Giolitti, Piazza Carignano, Via Husna Baptists and the Rossini Bridge. Along with Sally we dive in the heart of the city, one that usually travel guide shows us how crucial and how we can give you wrong? When you don't have much time to visit the city usually goes around the main squares like Piazza San Carlo, Piazza Castello and Piazza Vittorio Veneto. Soon after triggered the desire to come back and discover other, we warn you.

Also Carlo Verdone for one of his many films has chosen Turin, in particular the Mole Antonelliana. In "white, red and Green" can admire the grandeur of this structure which houses the Museum of Cinema. We feel it is our obligation in advise one afternoon inside the Mole to discover the fantastic film world and don't miss your chance to see the city from above with the panoramic elevator!

Find the Mole, and the area around campus, "white as milk as blood red". Many scenes were filmed in and around Palazzo Nuovo, seat which houses various Faculty of Humanities.

Also one of the first Italian colossal was filmed here in Turin. You know "Cabiria" movie by Giovanni Pastrone? Many scenes were held between the Dora Riparia and the Valli di Lanzo.

We could not cite one of the most important works by Dario Argento? "Deep red" as a location different areas of Turin. The home of Marc and psychic, for example, is located in piazza San Carlo. Appear in the film the Teatro Carignano, Villa Regina and the San Federico Gallery. Even Marco Bellocchio in his work "Win" was impressed by the gallery and wanted to insert in his shooting.


In the movie by Fausto Brizzi "boys versus girls" we find Piazza Bodoni, while in "my brother is an only child" we can see December 18 Square and Borgodora Street. Turin is filled with squares and not all are known by tourists, but we are convinced that there are even fewer ordinary seats from discover. Even Carlos was in Turin and for "Free Butter" has chosen as the Riding locations. In the film by Claudio Bonivento "Grande Torino" appear the Superga Basilica and the Grande Torino Museum.