10 things to see in Livorno (Livorno)

Have you ever wondered what are the 10 things to see in Livorno? You reveal us!

Terrazza Mascagni

La Terrazza Mascagni is located on the waterfront and is one of the most suggestive places in Livorno. La Terrazza Mascagni is a big square bounded seaward; its floor consists of a chessboard of 8700 square meters. If you are a lover of sunsets and are you looking for the perfect place to watch Livorno can't stop here. Instagram enthusiasts we can say this is a popular place, so you just have to find the right light and the right angle. Get ready to test your ability to create the perfect photo and who knows you might even end up on our site.

Birthplace of Amedeo Modigliani

You must know that in Livorno lies the birthplace of Amedeo Modigliani and inside you can find a considerable documentation on his life, including coming from Archives Légales in Paris. The entire exhibition traces the story of the great artist artist from Leghorn.

Marzocco Tower

The Marzocco tower stands on a truncated pyramidal base, coated with white marble and is octagonal in shape. On the North and Northwest you can find carved coats of arms and inscriptions Recalling the various commanders of the garrison. It was built for defence purposes. Climbing up to the top you can admire an immense panorama, you will see the hills of Livorno, Viareggio, Pisa and Elba. You must, however, make sure it's a nice day otherwise you will be more hard to get this 360° vision of what surrounds you.


The Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral of San Francesco is the main place of Catholic worship in Livorno. We suggest also venturing inside to see the beauties present.

Old Fortress

The old fortress is located at the edge of the Medici port of Livorno. The fortress dates from the 16th century when doctors began a major transformation of the city. You can find inside the courtyard of arms square and you can continue the visit up upstairs in the old Fort by finding the building François I, the keep of Matilda and other smaller buildings.

New Fortress

The new fortress is not to be confused with the old one. They are two different places. The new fortress is a fortress of Livorno. You can find in this area a large public park with a suggestive view on ditches and on the Republic square.

Piazza Repubblica

The Republic square is one of the most important squares in Livorno. Here come together Via Grande, via Garibaldi and via De Larderei. Inside the square you can find the statues monument to Ferdinand III and Leopold II of Tuscany

Castle mug

The Castle mug is a great Manor of Livorno, located south of the neighbourhood of Antignano. Located a short distance from the Tower of Calafuria and Castello Sonnino. Here we suggest you enter inside because it is a private residence and access is restricted. Don't worry we didn't do this far for nothing: look around you and you will enjoy a breathtaking view worthy of being photographed.

Fosso Reale

The Fosso Reale di Livorno is a real moat which originally followed the perimeter of the fortified city and who later lost its defensive function.

Monumento dei Quattro Mori

The monument of the four Moors is one of the symbols of Livorno and is a ubiquitous in their itinerary while visiting the city. The monument of the four Moors was built at the behest of Ferdinando I, the founder of Livorno, to celebrate the triumphs shown against the Barbary pirates.

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