10 things to see in Lucca (Lucca)

Lucca is a city to discover and if you are planning a weekend around here you might need to know what 10 things to see. What better way then to know a city if you don't do it through the eyes of those who live it every day? That's why we created this little guide on what to see in Lucca.

The first advice that we give is to admire it from every possible angle and we'll explain why.

Piazza dell'anfiteatro

They say that Piazza dell'anfiteatro is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy and hardly have a different view of this. It was designed by the architect Pawls since 1830. Access to the piazza takes place by four small doors and this particular makes the square closed within an area circumscribed and precise. We suggest that you try to observe it from downtown and you look around and then switch sides.

Church San Michele in Foro

To see this Church will go to Piazza San Michele where once stood the Roman Forum. You can watch the big statue of the Archangel Michael with wings in metallic foils in the Act of vanquishing a dragon. You know that there is a legend on the Emerald of San Michele? Look at the finger of the statue and know that in the particular conditions of light you can see a sparkle green. This is apparently just one Emerald set in ancient times, but never found.

Basilica Of San Frediano

If understood in Lucca on the evening of September 13 know that from there the procession to the Holy Cross. The Basilica of San Frediano in the past was lower than what you can see today. You can see a beautiful mosaic on the Ascension of Christ very rare for a Romanesque church and encourage you to get inside the building to admire the splendid frescoes.

The walls

You can't not to. The current walls along 4 kilometers and 195 meters of the city and allows within Lucca. You'll find a long tree-lined Avenue where you can stroll around and admire the city's rooftops. If you are an architect or an urban designer need to know which are the most studied and appreciated by your colleagues in the sector because the walls are the only example of the modern age arrive intact to the present day.

Via Fillungo

Within a path to discover a city can never miss the shopping to buy some memory or simply to recover after a morning of exhibitions and museums. Via Fillungo and San Paolino are the two roads perfect to taste some local or excellence to go for a nice walk around the shops.

Clock tower

Also known as clock tower is located in Via Fillungo street corner of Orange. It is a tall tower about 50 metres and is part of the 130 tallest towers in the city from the middle ages to the present. If you're wondering whether it is possible to climb to the Summit will answer Yes.  You just do 207 steps in wood and then the whole effort will be rewarded with the breathtaking panorama you can see from up there. Here too there is a legend associated with the soul of the devil. It is said that in the past a woman sold his soul to stay beautiful and young. The devil, however, after thirty years would return to claim the payment of the debt. On the night of 14 August 1623 Lucida Mansi climbed the tower to stop the Bell that was going to beat the time of her death, but the devil at midnight he managed to steal her soul.

Guinigi Tower

Is the most important Tower of Lucca and is located on the corner of via Sant'Andrea and via delle Chiavi d'Oro. The Guinigi Tower stands out among the various buildings of the old town for his height of 44 meters. Also here you can try your hand and see the city from above thanks to 25 flights of stairs, pretty easy in the first part and more complicated at the end. If we haven't discouraged know that on top you will find the roof garden with seven oak plants all to admire.

Piazza Napoleone

It is commonly called Piazza Grande because it is the city's main square. At the Center there had to be a large statue of Napoleon, but after the fall of the emperor was replaced by that of Maria Luisa of Bourbon.

Palazzo Ducale

If you are in Piazza Napoleone you would not have noticed on the West side a huge building. This is the Ducal Palace, now the seat of the province of Lucca. It is also called the Palazzo della Signoria. You can access from the central portal to the courtyard and venture inside.

Museo Casa Christmas Giacomo Puccini

Located in an old building in the heart of the city. The composer Giacomo Puccini lived here all the years of his childhood and early youth before moving to Milan. The Birthplace is now a Museum in 1979 and reopened to the public in 2011 after several restoration and renewal.

After demonstrating the 10 things to see in Lucca you are ready to create your perfect itinerary and you will have no worries that you forgot some important place to visit. I encourage you also to discover through our website what now is shared by those in Lucca and maybe find some useful information for your trip.