10 things to visit in Pisa (Pisa)

What to see in Pisa? When naming this city it is natural to think of the Cathedral Square with the tower and the Cathedral of Pisa, but we're sure you can find much more. Take up our app with the map of Pisa and all the info you need, comfortable shoes and a good camera because we are ready to bring you to discover this amazing city.

Square of Miracles

Piazza del Duomo is also known as the Square of Miracles. Since 1987 it is part of UNESCO heritage sites for its unique and balanced architectural composition. Here they are: the Baptistery, the Camposanto, Pisa Cathedral and the well-known Tower of Pisa. Two curiosities: the monuments of the square are placed on the diagram of Libra Zodiac, of which the tower is the centerpiece; the square is known as "Field of Miracles" because of a term coined by Gabriele D'Annunzio in one of his novels.

Cathedral of Pisa

The Cathedral of Pisa of 1064 is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta and is a work of architect Buscheto. It is the most significant example of Romanesque Pisan, a symbol of the wealth of the time. Over the centuries the cathedral has undergone several renovations in which some sculptures were replaced by others, now housed in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. multicolored marble, mosaics, numerous bronze objects from the Muslim Sicily make the Duomo of Pisa a unique structure.

Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa simply called "Leaning Tower" is the bell tower of its own to the Duomo, and is about 56 meters high. The particular inclination of the building is due to land subsidence and thanks to this feature the Tower has been proposed as one of the seven wonders of the world. Take a picture while the friends try to hold it has now become a fashion that attracts many tourists from around the world. Now it's your time, take the angle you prefer and embraces the Tower of Pisa.

Baptistery of Pisa

The Baptistery in Pisa dedicated to St. John the Baptist is another of the buildings that form the monumental complex of the "Field of Miracles" (Piazza del Duomo). Its construction, begun in 1153 to Diotisalvi architect, is the largest baptistery in Italy. The sculptures on the facade were made by Nicola Pisano and his son Giovanni.

Monumental Cemetery

The monumental cemetery of 1278 is a work of Giovanni Simone, and is always on the Square of Miracles. The magnificent frescoes which had suffered severe damage during World War II have been recently restored. If you are a fan of historical artifacts you'll want to visit the cemetery also for its ancient sarcophagi eighty and many medieval tombstones.

Palace of the Caravan

The palace of the Caravan is one of the sixteenth-century buildings by Vasari and is located in Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa. Today, used as a school building in the city, it is one of the main attractions of Pisa for its sumptuous façade, where architecture, sculpture and painting are mixed. The protagonists are the graffiti with allegorical figures and zodiacal signs, designed by Vasari that enliven the outside of the building along with marble busts and coats of arms.

Borgo Stretto and Borgo Largo

In any city you can certainly skip shopping! Borgo Stretto, or simply "Village" as it is called by Pisa, is one of the busiest streets of the city. Borgo Stretto is the main shopping area, enriched by arcades, buildings as well as shops and bars. At number 10 you can admire the Church of San Michele in Borgo. You'll want to go Borgo Stretto from Piazza Garibaldi to the northwest because, arrived in via Oberdan, this village is "transformed" in the elegant and wider "Borgo Largo." Here, at number 41, you'll find the Palazzo Scorzi Tobler of the fourteenth century that preserves a valuable gothic porch.

Palazzo Blu

A few minutes from Borgo Largo, retracing the way trade of Borgo Stretto, arrive at Blue Palace .. This is the hub of art and modern culture and often hosts exhibitions permanent and temporary exhibition spaces. It is located on the southern Lungarno in the heart of the historic city center, just steps from the Ponte di Mezzo

Tuttomondo of Keith Haring

After the beautiful Palazzo Blu can not certainly miss the colorful "Tuttomondo", large murals made in 1989 by Keith Haring. Ten meters high by eighteen meters wide, "Tuttomondo" is in first place on the podium as the largest murals ever built in Europe, the last American artist public work, and the only one designed to be permanent.

Riversides of Pisa

After a tour in the name of the historic architecture of Pisa feels the need to relax a bit '. The ideal place for this are the "Lungarni". The Lungarni are the roads that border the river Arno in Pisa. These wide streets where on one side you will find ancient buildings like the Church of Santa Maria della Spina and the other so-called "shoulders" (stone walls and brick) make the stately old town and far-reaching. In the evening the city lights are reflected in the river, creating a unique and special atmosphere, a must for lovers of photography.