10 things to see in Sassari (Sassari)

Sardinia is the ideal destination for lovers of the sea and breathtaking. You're thinking of visiting Sassari?  Sassari is a town full of places to discover and to photograph. We provide some guidance in order to move into the city. What can I see?

Square in Italy

The most important square of the city of Sassari is square in Italy is located in the medieval town centre and is considered the city lounge. Overlooking the provincial Palace, built in the late XIX century in neoclassical style. You can also find an example of neo-Gothic style with the Palazzo Giordano. In the middle of the square you can see the monument of Vittorio Emanuele II by Giuseppe Sartorio. From Piazza Italy moving the most important streets of Sassari. Try to get in the middle of the square and look around. You'll find on one side Via Carlo Alberto, by another via Roma and on the other side you can see the arcades Bargone Crispo.

Palazzo Giordano

We talked about the Palazzo Giordano and upon arrival in place of Italy you'll find this impressive historic building of Sassari. It currently houses the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. It is a Palace in neo-Gothic style and is divided into three horizontal levels.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral

The San Nicolas Cathedral is commonly known as the Duomo. Your attention will be hit by the main façade of the Temple in Baroque style. What do you think of confirm it firsthand?

Palazzo ducale

Palazzo Ducale is another historic building of Sassari noteworthy. It currently houses the municipal administration. Palazzo Ducale was built around 1775 and 1805 by Lombard craftsmen.

Aragonese Castle

The Aragonese castle is the castle of Sassari and originated in the 14th century. In the era of Spanish rule was used as the headquarters of the garrison and was the only seat of the Inquisition in Sardinia. Afterwards. Please observe this fortress and you'll notice that its façade is made of stone. Do not reveal too much information because we want to leave the Castle without influence you.

The city Palace Museum

If you're an art fan this is a must to Sassari:the city Palace Museum. Inside you will find an exhibition divided into two sections. You'll find the West Wing and the East Wing, which are accessible from Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and via Sebastiano Satta.

Pinacoteca Mus ' at

The pinacoteca Mus ' was born in late 2008, inside the former Jesuit College of '. The Art Gallery hosts major art collections, including the ten contemporary artworks acquired by donating Panicali battle. There is also a selection of works from the 17th and 18th centuries divided into a precise chronology and thematic area, waiting to be discovered.

Bridge Rosello

The Rosello bridge is the bridge of Sassari, which connects the town with the District of Monte Rosello. At the foot of the bridge you can see a historical monument of the city: the Rosello fountain.

Baddimanna Park

The Park of Baddimanna is a large pine forest in an area northeast of Sassari Monte Rosello. Our suggestion is to go to this part of town to spend a relaxing afternoon.

University Library

Sassari is also a university town and we propose a stop at its historic library. He is also the seat of the University of Sassari. The Palace was founded in the 17th century to house the Jesuit College and later was recognized as a University.