10 things to see in Bergamo (Bergamo)

You have not been to Bergamo and would like to know what 10 things to see in order to have an overview over the city? We will take you around the city streets and make you discover the beauty of Bergamo.

You will need to carry stacks of shoes, a good camera and curiosity.

Bergamo is divided into two parts: the high and the low. The first tip is to take the cable car to reach the top, so I could look around without much effort.

1. Piazza Vecchia

Is the most known and popular of Bergamo Alta. If you pay attention you'll notice la fontana Contarini, Palazzo della Ragione, the civic Tower. If you're around here at around 22 you will hear the stroke of one hundred strokes of the big Bell. In the past announced the closing night of the Venetian walls and gates of the palaces around.

2. Biblioteca Angelo Mai

On the opposite side of the Palazzo della Ragione you will see a large white building: this building houses the Biblioteca Angelo Mai. The façade is covered with white marble from Zandobbio and appearance that creates is to create a feeling of lightness and elegance, as it required the neoclassical style.

3. Santa Maria Maggiore

Is located in Piazza del Duomo and is an essential stop when visiting the city. We suggest that you also enter inside to admire the Baroque beauties present. Originally this was the Cathedral Church of Saint Vincent.

4. Park of hills

Is the green lung of the city and here you can stroll relaxing a bit.  If you're with your children we recommend that you attend our courses, present in the botanical garden inside the natural park.

5. Botanical Garden

Is a small space that surrounds a treasure trove of over 900 different plant species. If you have a green thumb, this stage will be a pleasant discovery and you could spend an hour of fun between aquatic and carnivorous plants.

6. Venetian walls

It will be impossible not to notice this imposing architectural building dating back to the 16th century. The comfortable shoes that we suggested earlier now will be useful. Is the renowned passeggiata traveled from Bergamo and from tourists.

7. Castle San Virgilio

If you are a lover of castles and ami Miss between the ancient walls picturing court life: this is the perfect stop. The castle is situated on the Hill of San Virgilio and is located in the North of Bergamo Alta. We suggest that you venture inside to discover the hidden secrets.

8. La Rocca

Is on another Hill to Sant'Eufemia. The construction of the Fort began way back in 1331. By 2004 hosts the nineteenth-century section of the historical Museum of Bergamo. There is also a large forecourt where take place at different times of the year celebrations

9. Bergamo railway station

Is the new theatre of the city. In addition to this there is also the social theatre.  Here are organized concerts and performances, to visit you must book in advance and you can together with a guide discover the wonders of this building.

10. Sentierone

Had to be a stage dedicated to shopping? The Kangaroo says no and tells you to walk the tree-lined avenue of the Sentierone. You'll find all kinds of shops and you can rest assured when you get back you'll definitely something new to wear.

Now you have all the information you need to visit Bergamo. Create your route with us and have fun discovering this city!