10 things to see in Como (Como)

Are you planning a weekend and you're wondering what to visit in Como? We can help! Como is a town full of places to discover and of course the Lake makes the context quite pleasant.


The Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. It is the main religious building of the city. The Cathedral is located not far from Palazzo Broletto and the civic Tower. We suggest that you admire the façade of the building was built between 1447 and 1498 and if I had the time at your disposal you may dedicate it to a visit inside the Cathedral.


The particularity of Como is definitely to have the City Centre situated a few steps from the Lake. You can walk in the pedestrian area on the lakeside and enjoy scenery nothing short of wonderful. Bring a camera, even the Smartphone can fit and shoot some souvenir photos during sunset.


Palazzo Broletto dates back to medieval times and is the main Office of the municipality. Currently here are held art exhibitions, events and conferences. Romanesque Gothic style of the building might catch your attention. We suggest that you observe all Renaissance elements on the façade.

San Fedele

The Basilica of San Fedele is another stage that can not miss in your itinerary. The building is in neo-Romanesque style and I encourage you to enter inside to see the sculptural decoration of the Magistri cumacini. You'll find Zoomorphic figures, monsters and griffins to photograph and admire.

Castel Baradello

Do you know that in Como there is a castle? This is the Castel Baradello is situated on the Hill. From here you can admire the city and if you pay attention, you will see the peaks of the Alps and the Lake surrounding Como. You can also choose to visit the Castle, we remind you to make your reservation.

Volta Temple

The Tempio Voltiano is a Science Museum located on Lungo Lario Marconi. It was opened in 1928 by the architect Federico Frigerio.

Civic Art Gallery

The Gallery is also known as the Pinacoteca di Palazzo Volpi. It is part of the musei civici in Como. If you are a fan of 20th century architecture you can enjoy discovering the entire archive inside the pinacoteca.

Educational Silk Museum

The educational Silk Museum is a special museum devoted entirely to the production of silk. You won't find the classical works you would expect to find in a regular Museum, but here you will discover the art behind the hardworking silk processing.


After a walk through the city you'll want to take the funicular and venturing out to explore Como and Brunate. The funicular has two stations of departure and arrival in Piazza a. De Gasperi in Como and in square a. Bonacossa in Brunate. Travel on a single track and climbs 493.92 meters.

Villa Olmo

Como is full of splendid villas to discover. We will recommend one in particular: the Villa Olmo. You'll notice an imposing neoclassical building designed by the architect Simon Carr. Numerous conferences and events are held here. There is also a small curiosity associated with this villa because it was used for some filming of "madly in love" by Adriano Celentano.