Milan in 3 days: what to see and do (Milan)

Economic capital, Italian fashion and design, famous for the happy hour, the stock and cosmopolitan environment: raise your hand if you spent at least once (but always rushing) from Milan. In three days, however, you've never seen? Find out what to see and do in Milan when the toccata and Fugue in Center isn't enough anymore.

The ABCs of a visit to Milan requires as a first step a dip in the ancient history of the city. Boring? Try a ride between the towers and courtyards of the Castello Sforzesco, visit the secret passages or climb the battlements and think again! Strong pieces of museum collections today guests of this ancient fortress, the Rondanini Pietà by Michelangelo and the vault painted by Leonardo in the famous Hall of the axis, the recently restored and reopened for Expo 2015, which will give you the illusion of being in a real garden.

If you've had enough of art, keep an eye out for the current exhibitions at the Triennale di Milano, in Parco Sempione.

The day can only continue in the heart of Milanese history, between the exclusive shops of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which the recent restoration wants to bring to be il salotto di Milano.

Don't be surprised to see twirling across rows of tourists in the middle of the gallery. You said to bring luck putting your foot on the attributes of the Bull depicted in mockery to the city of Turin and make one complete rotation blindfolded pivoting on that foot. Try and let us know if the rite it worked for you!

Worth a visit, both inside and outside, the Duomo, the Gothic Cathedral with its famous Virgin Mary that dominates the skyline of Milan. Council of Kangaroo: climb on the Terraces at sunset for a breathtaking, to photograph (and share) immediately.

Art, fashion and theatre

If you wonder what cannot be missed when visiting Milan in 3 days, the answer is the last supper, the painting of the last supper in the refectory of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The second thing to know is that reservations are required.

In the area there is also the splendid Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, dedicated to the Patron Saint that Milan and the Milanese celebrate December 7, allowing perhaps the only break from the race.

The kiss of Hayez, Il Quarto Stato di Palo da Volpedo, the dead Christ by Mantegna are just some of the most famous works of the Brera art gallery, galleria nazionale d'Arte antica e moderna which in addition to permanent houses temporary exhibitions.

The must for maniacs of fashion is the fashion district, between via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga, via Manzoni and Porta Venezia, where boutiques, upscale shops and showrooms.

In addition to any fashion signature, you will sure to spot models and VIPs. Been to the eye!

From trendy to classical elegance of the Scale, the prestigious theatre which was the heart of the Italian opera, with important authors from Verdi to Toscanini, where for more than 200 years performing artists of international renown.

The future of Milan

From the inventions of the past to the future, as theIsland, near the Porta Garibaldi station, that with the birth of Piazza Gae Aulenti is living a second youth, with trendy shops and restaurants. Here dominates the Unicredit Tower, Italy's tallest skyscraper, and you can admire the skyscrapers that give shape to the new skyline of Milan: the Diamantone, the Pirelli Tower and Palace Lombardy. Particular, the vertical forest, so named in the name of the trees that will be planted in each of the two towers of the complex, which won the prize of most beautiful skyscraper in the world in 2014.

What to do at night in Milan: Navigli, Blue Note, Palasharp, metropolitan market

The soul of "Milano da bere" basically was lost altogether. Even today the nightlife is lively and you can choose between the reborn area of Navigli, striking even in daylight, where is emerging as a new center of social life in Milan the metropolitan market, brought to town from Expo. In this market of 15 thousand square meters there is truly something for every price range. Street food and regional spiecialità make it though the masters and at the end of the evening the leftover food is recovered by the volunteers of the Food Bank, to avoid waste, and delivered at about 240 charitable structures in Milan. If you want to see a movie in the open, the Metropolitan Cinema housed in the Amphitheater of the market is the right choice.