UNESCO World Heritage palaces (Genoa)

When it comes to Genova comes naturally make the following Association: pesto and focaccia, old port and Aquarium. Almost certainly, if you've been in this city are the first things you've seen and tasted because they are part of tradition and history.

In addition to the Aquarium and to the "usual places" known: what can you see? Today we offer a route for lovers of photography and history.

We bring you to discover the most beautiful historic buildings in the Centre. Are you ready? Jump with us!

Our tour begins in Via Garibaldi. You should know that it will not be difficult to identify the various buildings because they are almost all on this long road and you'll only have to "jump" from one number to another. In short, there is a risk that you will lose: straight ahead! You'll want to arm yourself with a good camera, to wear flat shoes and look at all the beauty around you. Look up and find all the details on the facades of buildings that you will find in our path. Genoa is ready to surprise you. Accept the challenge?

The first building is to Pantaleo Spinola or Palazzo Gambaro. Find it at number 2. It is currently the headquarters of a Bank and so you won't be allowed to access inside. You can however focus observe the entry and the exterior façade with its colors and stylistic choices.

You can decide whether to continue before all of the even numbers and then the side of odd or make the path in numerical order. For convenience we are offering to do before the side of the first even numbers and then switch to odd, so you shouldn't forget no Palace along the way.

The house number 4 we find Palazzo Tobia Pallavicino. Today it is the seat of the Chamber of Commerce of Genova. You will notice a number of interesting frescos on the facades of the building.

Now cross the road and continue your journey with the odd numbers. The number 3 you can admire the Palazzo Lercari Parodi. Do you know the name of the designer, but it will be impossible to miss because it differs from the buildings of the Strada Nuova.

The next issue, namely the 5, there is Angelo Giovanni Spinola Palace or Palazzo Doria. You will not be able to venture inside because it is home to many offices, but you can see the façade and entrance. This building is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site and you can see from the exterior frescoes of Fratelli Calvi. . Continue your path with the number 7 and you will find Palazzo Nicolosio Lomellino or also called Palazzo Podestà. It was built at the behest of Nicolosio Lomellino, a member of a family in full economic and political rise. Throughout the building you can see frescoes and details worthy of being photographed. What are you waiting for?

If you like the colors the last two palaces are in! At house number 11 , you can see Palazzo Bianco. You have to know that the original name of this building is Palazzo Brignole and in the summer of 2006 was included among the 42 palaces of Genoa became a UNESCO World Heritage site. Inside you can find a section of Strada Nuova museums and you'll want to take a look. Enters and immerse yourself in the culture and history. Continuing towards the civic number 18 you can find Palazzo Rosso. You know that here there is a gallery with many masterpieces of European painting from the 16th to the 18th century, with a large prevalence of Genoese painters, Flemish, French, Spanish.

And after this long ride between stories and fascinating buildings you deserve a good plate of trofie al pesto. Don't you think? We do!