10 things to see in Sanremo (Sanremo)

... why Sanremo Sanremo, but what I can see in the city?

San Remo is a Ligurian city known primarily for the Festival della Canzone italiana. Every year, in February, Sanremo is overwhelmed by a number of artists and fans for this popular event.

If it is your half know that the Kangaroo is ready to guide you between 10 things to see if you are in this beautiful city.

Ariston Theatre

February is the month of Festivals of Italian song and a stage this is inevitable. The Ariston Theatre becomes the hub of the city and is the perfect opportunity to meet celebrities in the music scene and of Italian television. In addition to the festivals are held at other times of the year at the Ariston the Tenco Prize and the prize television direction, most known as the Oscar of the Tv.

Villa Nobel

If you come up to Corso Cavallotti you can admire a magnificent 19th century building: Villa Nobel. The building was built at the end of 1870. We suggest that you be careful and watch the strange mixture of styles, irons and glass used. The Villa is surrounded by a beautiful park of plants very valuable.

Villa Ormond

Villa Ormond is a historic home in Sanremo. Have gone around here the Princes of Prussia, the Duke of Aosta and Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Currently a wing of the villa hosts the International Institute of humanitarian law. If you are a fan of floral exhibits you should check if the period of your stay in the city there are right here at Villa Ormond.

Basilica Concattedrale di San Siro

The San Siro is one of the oldest religious buildings in Sanremo. This is a typical example of Romanesque architecture and is located in the city center.

Piazza Bresca

Bresca square is the heart of the city of Sanremo. Is located between Via Roma and via Nino Bixio, a little farther you can go to the old port. If you're a seafood lover this is the place to stop and eat at one of the many restaurants and enjoy fresh fish.

Palazzo Borea d'olmo

Palazzo Borea Holmium is one of the most important baroque buildings in western Liguria. We suggest that you look up and admire its beauty. If you have a camera you might also get some interesting shot. The South and West facades you can admire two splendid marble portals.

Giardini Regina Elena

Regina Elena gardens are a true Park located in Sanremo. Are the ideal place to relax and lie in the historic district "La Pigna" and the sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa.

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa

The sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa is a short walk from Giardini Regina Elena. The building was built in 1630 on a Latin cross plan with a Baroque fa├žade. The main feast is celebrated on 15 August with the feast of the assumption.

Villa Matutia

Can't miss an example of villa romana in your itinerary. We bring you to discover the Roman villa of the mouth or rather Villa Matutia. Born in the early 1900s and is located behind the municipal cemetery of the estuary.

Statue of Mike Bongiorno

A few years ago in San Remo was built a statue in honor of Mike Bongiorno, the celebrated conductor of Italian television. His "Happiness" continues to exist through the memory and walking through the streets of the Centre you may find the statue dedicated to him.

Empress Walk

The Empress walk is ideal to live during sunset because it runs through the promenade of Sanremo and you can see from here the sea and its waves read. If you're a photo enthusiast will appreciate the panorama that you can admire from here.