Lake Garda: visit Sirmione in one day (Sirmione)

Lake Garda is a pleasant place to spend one day while travelling in Italy. You can easily reach the lake by car: it is not far from Milan, Venice and Verona and their airports. The place is ideal if you are travelling with kids, but also if you intend to have a romantic escape watching the sunset on the lake’s waters. There are many towns on the lake's shore where it is possible to stay, however  one of the most interesting to visit is Sirmione. 

Sirmione: the pearl of Lake Garda

Sirmione is located on Lake Garda's south coast very close to the City of Brescia. It is an ideal place for a day trip. Visiting the old town can be a good solution if there is not a nice weather and it is not possible to enjoy a boat ride or relaxing at the beach. 
The presence of many pedestrians zone makes pleasant to walk around, especially with children: it is really nice to get lost in its narrow and irregular streets.

The historic centre of Sirmione is located in a very special place. It is, in fact, on an island (connected to the mainland by a bridge) stretching from the coast to the centre of the lake!

The first place to see is Castello Scaligero. It is located on a cliff from which visitors are able to admire the landscape. In order to reach the highest point, you need to face 146 steps.
 Do not be discouraged! From the top of its walls you can see the dock (that once was the shelter of the castle's fleet).  This is definitely one of the best places to see the lake from the mainland, and to take some picture, of course! 
Castello Scaligero is a great solution even if it is raining. Your kids will love it seeing themselves as little princes, princesses, ladies and knights all the way!

If you love sacred art you cannot miss the Church of Sant'Anna della Rocca right at the foot of Castello Scaligero. 
Inside Sant'Anna della Rocca, there are incredible votive frescoes of the fifteenth century that will leave you stunned. In addition of being able to visit the Church internally, it is really nice to admire the entrance decorated in terracotta and walking through the beautiful porch and its five arches.

In the centre of Sirmione there are many places to stop, relax and eat typical Italian food. Among its many restaurants, bars and ice-cream parlours. Such a broad offer can satisfy all type of travellers, especially kids!

Grotte di Catullo: Roman history in Sirmione

Moving from the old town to the tip of the peninsula of Sirmione, just a short walk is needed to reach the famous "Grotte di Catullo" (Caves of Catullo). They are inside an archaeological area of great value. Impressive remains of a Roman villa (1st century BC) appear predominantly submerged and covered by vegetation, so much that they look like "caves". From this peculiarity comes the name itself.

The walk through these ruins is the perfect way to end our little guide. This is the perfect place to take some photos and fix this experience forever. In the background: olive trees, Lake Garda's profile and its spectacular colours!