Quick Guide to Ischia (Ischia)

The island of Ischia is one of the ideal destinations to spend a relaxing weekend. The island is full of places and amazing sights to be discovered. Are you ready to learn more? We thought we'd give you a quick guide to not miss 6 inevitable stages in your itinerary.


Church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo

The first stage of the quick reference guide is the Church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo. Simply because it is the first place that a tourist sees when he arrives at the port of Ischia. The Church is located right next to this area. We might also like to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.


Castello Aragonese

The Aragonese Castle is the symbol of Ischia. The best-known site and visited the island. You will notice already from Ischia Ponte its majesty. The castle stands on a small island and you can reach it through the ancient village. We suggest you also get inside to visit the entire house, you will find unique and special corners that will attract your attention.


Giardini "La Mortella"

The gardens of "La Mortella" is one of the most important botanical gardens in Europe for the number and type of preserved plants. They are located in Forio, near the beach of San Francesco. You can admire more than three thousand species of exotic plants including many rare and hardly findable origin. If you have children you can have fun with them to follow different paths designed to discover all the beauties in the park. While you'll be strolling in the garden you can also find streams, fountains and ponds. The atmosphere is rather magical.


Monte Epomeo

Do not miss a stop to admire the island from above. We recommend, for this reason, to bring to you at the Monte Epomeo. This is the island's highest peak. The view that can be seen from 791 meters is something indescribable. You can also visit the ancient Hermitage of San Nicola, inhabited in ancient times by the monks.



Sant'Angelo is part of the municipality of Serrara Fontana and is a real fishing village. The square is the meeting point of the tourists on the island on vacation. The pastel color of seafaring houses makes the atmosphere relaxing and very attractive. If you love photography you can play around in search for the perfect perspective and angle to snap souvenir pictures.


Want to see still other places? You can easily add them to your itinerary and discover Ischia with us!