10 things to see in Trento (Trento)

Well known for its beautiful and traditional Christmas markets Trento, in the Val di Non, hides other treasures. Here are our suggestions on what to do in Trento, you just have to create the route with us and go!

MUSE: Science Museum

Not far from here is the MART MUSE! MUSE is the museum's newest and now most important of Trento. Designed by Renzo Piano is the life of the Earth through the metaphor of the mountain in a multi-sensory journey from plan to plan. If you came to visit the Trentino traveling in family and have children listen to our advice: make them happy! The plan dedicated to children from 0 to 5 years, the Maxi Ooh, do not disappoint them!

Palace Albere: MART

MART also known as Albere Palace is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento. Here you can admire the permanent collection of the nineteenth and early twentieth century until the First World War. You can find works of a romantic Francesco Hayez and those of the Futurist Boccioni. In addition, throughout the year there are numerous temporary exhibitions.

Church Santa Maria Maggiore

The Santa Maria Maggiore Church hosted the third session of the Council of Trent. It is an important place of worship in the city built by the Prince Bishop Bernardo Clesio.

Praetorian Palace

Praetorian Palace is definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Trento. It born as the bishop's residence and is located in the charming Piazza Duomo. Looking around, you will discover the presence of the Civic Tower and the Cathedral of San Virgilio. You are in the heart of the historical center and from here will start your tour to discover the city. Praetorian Palace, currently home to the prestigious Diocesan Museum of Trento in memory of the famous Council of Trent.

City tower

The Civic Tower is part of the keep of the Praetorian Palace. It was built in the eleventh century, and raised several times over the years. In the past it was used as a prison town and within it you can find the bell of the Renga. What is it? The Bell Renga kept time where the public meetings took place and the death sentences in the underlying Piazza Duomo.

Trento Cathedral Cathedral St. Virgil

The Cathedral is the Cathedral of St. Virgil, the city's patron. The cathedral is located in the square and was built on the area where originally stood the ancient temple ever dedicated to St. Virgil.

Piazza Duomo

You understand that Piazza Duomo is one of the hubs of the city principlai. Here, at the center of the square it attracts glances the Fountain of Neptune. It was built to a design by the sculptor Francesco Antonio Giongo Lavarone between 1767 and 1769.

On the other side of the square to the Duomo, the side of the premises, does not go unnoticed Houses Cazuffi Rella. These are two buildings of the XVI easy to detect for the presence of the frescoes on their main facade attributed to Fogolino. We may want to venture into their facilities to discover the legends and stories hidden in the walls of houses Cazzuffi Rella. Just try it or to know better! If you do not want to enter the visit estrena of the two houses is already impressive. The frescoes of the facades tell stories that you yourself can groped to guess.

Buonconsiglio Castle

The Castle of Good Counsel was built for defensive purposes on a rocky hill. Museum Buonconsiglio Castle now houses provincial collections of art divided into several sections as ancient art, medieval, modern and contemporary. We invite you, therefore, to enter inside to discover its wonders.

Eagle Tower

Visiting the city symbol of the Val di Non you can not miss a look at the Eagle Tower. The Eagle Tower, also known as Tower of Laste, lies at the south of the Castle of Good Counsel. The purpose of the tower was to protect the port of the city of Trento on the street that leads to the Valsugana and Venice.

Doss Trento

The Doss Trento is located on a small hill near the river Adige. From here you can admire the city in all its beauty, it is one of the most scenic and if you're a lover of photography do not miss the chance to make a good shot at some sunset. Also in this area you can find the Historical Museum of the Alpini.

With this small guide to visit Trento you are officially ready to discover Trentino and the Val di Non, what aspects? Enjoy your visit!