10 things to see in Venice (Venice)

Are you planning to visit Venice? They say the best way to discover it is to get lost and to look around with dreamy eyes. We though that you want to know what are the 10 things to have with you a precise route and to make sure that you have not forgotten the fundamental places.

Our advice is to arm yourself with comfortable shoes and a camera, but mostly a lot of curiosity because Venice is a unique city. Let yourself be carried away by everything you see, and we are certain that the photographs that you will be better of postcards.

1.Piazza San Marco and its Basilica

If you go to Venice a must is this. You can play around with the shots and I encourage you to go to the sunset to enjoy better the going down of the Sun around the Basilica di San Marco. Walk slowly across Piazza San Marco and discover its entire beauty. It is one of the most important Italian squares and is also the only urban space that takes the name of "Piazza" because all the others are called "fields".

2. Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale is one of the symbols of the city and is a true masterpiece of Venetian Gothic architecture. You can see it on the outside, but we suggest if you have some time to inspect it inside. Theentrance to the public is the door of the wheat. It was the ancient seat of the doge and the judiciary. Consists of three wings around which you can see the central courtyard portico. The two main sides are turned towards Saint Mark square and Saint Mark's basin. You can have fun to photograph him in various perspectives and you have to know that there is a façade that gives on the pier.

3. Canal

For the Venetians also "Canalaso" is the main channel of the city. 3800 metres long and divides the old town into two parts, creating an "S". Walking on the shore you will see beautiful buildings constructed at the time of the Republic of Venice. The historical regatta takes place here annually. If you get the chance you can also take a ride on a gondola and admire the city from another perspective.

4. Bridge of sighs

Is the place par excellence for romantic favourite and if you're going to impress your beautiful bring it here. It is said that we escape some Declaration of love. It is known worldwide and you will find many tourists trying to photograph it. You should know that the Bridge of sighs has only two places from which is observable, of course apart from the gondolas, i.e. from the deck of the Rectory and the ponte della Paglia.

5. Rialto Bridge

Still on the subject never fails in tourist guides because it is the oldest bridge of the city and it's one of those stages that either coming or going away to do. Has a single arch and completely of stone. In the past it was one of the most important places of passing ships.

6. The Correr Museum

When visiting the city you have to even venture in any Museum to discover the history of Venice and this is the place. You can find different routes that will take you to know the Venetian art and culture.

7. The Accademia galleries

The Accademia galleries are housed in the complex of charity and you can admire the Church of Santa Maria and Scuola grande della Carità, along with the convent of the Lateran canons.  This is one of the most historic parts of the city and you realize that by looking around.

8. La Fenice

If you are a lover of Opera this will be one of your stops marked on your itinerary, but we recommend it to those who usually isn't interested in the genre. We invite you to come in, but to observe the face of Teatro la Fenice and imagine projected at different times from this when there was still the aristocracy. You came to mind those beautiful evening dresses? This is much more associated with the theatre world and here now is the main building in which shows and performances of Opera in Venice.

9. Ghetto

This was, in the past, the area where Jews were forced to live. It is a part of Venice especially because it is rich in historic buildings and you can "taste" an atmosphere that you can hardly describe. For this reason we suggest that you go there because you can see with your own eyes what's left. We suggest you go and visit also the synagogues within the ghetto.

10. Campo Santa Margherita

This is the place preferred by academics and not. Said to be one of the most beautiful courses in Venice: it gets very busy both day and night and for this reason it is considered one of the liveliest places in Venice. You can find many locals and if you are a lover of the spritz this is the place!

We just have to wish you a good visit and good fun.