10 things to do in Vicenza (Vicenza)

What to see in Vicenza? One question that arises when you choose to visit the city. Surely the renowned Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio left in what was his city an unmistakable sign. All Vicenza is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The paths in the footsteps of the works dell'archiettto Vicenza go even out of town, between the Venetian Villas, the Palladian villas, such as La Rotonda and Villa Valmarana ai Nani, are among the most famous.

Are you ready? We reveal our own little guide with 10 things to do in Vicenza.


Palladian Basilica

The first leg of our journey takes us to see the Palladian Basilica, a real beauty, as well as being the UNESCO in 2014 was classified as a national monument. The Palladian Basilica obviously takes the name from the architect Palladio, who as we said was left in and around the city much of its heritage with classic works of great beauty. The palace is now a place of numerous art exhibitions. Do not miss a visit to the top floor overlooking the city. Take a few minutes to sit at the bar on the terrace and enjoy the view of Piazza dei Signori at your feet!


Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori is the main square of the historic center of Vicenza and was originally the market place. Around the Piazza dei Signori are the Palladian Basilica and the Tower Bissara, while on the opposite side there is the Loggia del Capitanio and the Palace of the pawnshop. From the center of the square you can see, even letting his eyes wander, the beauty of these beautiful historic buildings all intornoa you. In a secret anymore! Tower Bissara addition to playing every hour and every half hour he also plays the ninth hour. It is a particular melody composed Valtinoni that you can hear seven minutes before noon and seven minutes before eighteen.


Corso Palladio

Corso Andrea Palladio is the main street of Vicenza, named after the famous architect after World War II. The entire course runs through the historic center of Vicenza from west to east. Today it is a pedestrian street and is considered the shopping street. You know when you visit a city we must always carve out a little 'time to buy some souvenirs. Well here you will not be disappointed! Corso Palladio overlook many historic buildings and follow it can also take the opportunity to admire Piazza Castello and Piazza Giacomo Matteotti.


Olympic Theatre

The Olympic Theatre is another of the many works of Andrea Palladio. He was commissioned back in 1579 by the Olympic and left unfinished in 1580 due to the death of the architect. The theater was completed by Vincenzo Scamozzi. The Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza is within paths Palladian UNESCO.


Cathedral of Vicenza

The Cathedral is the main place of worship in the city. It is a building of early Christian origin and was rebuilt several times. Currently houses the Diocesan Museum.


Palazzo Leoni Montanari

Leoni Montanari Palace is one of the historical buildings of the city turned on the initiative of Banca Intesa San Paolo in the homonymous galleries. Galleries preserve many treasures of art and decoration all to admire. If you're a fan this is an inevitable stop in your route.


Civic Art Gallery in Palazzo Chiericati

The Art Gallery is also known as Palazzo Chiericati and since 1855 is the historical site of the Civic Museum. Inside it is kept several municipal collections of paintings, sculptures and applied art from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century.


Basilica di Monte Berico

The Basilica of Monte Berico is a Catholic place of worship located on the hill that rises over the city. The building is the result of the integration of two churches: one Gothic and the other Baroque.


Piazzale della Vittoria

Piazzale della Vittoria is ideal for lovers of photography and what better memory if not a beautiful panoramic photo made with their own camera? It is located opposite the Basilica of Our Lady of Monte Berico and there is a wide balcony where you can admire Vicenza in all its beauty.


The Rotunda

Among the Palladian villas La Rotonda, whose real name is Villa Almerico Capra is certainly the most popular among the works created by the architect Andrea Palladio in Vicenza. In 1994 La Rotonda became part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Vicenza. Surrounded by beautiful meadows and slightly elevated in the spring it offers the possibility of photos really spectacular.