10 things to see in Pescara (Pescara)

Pescara is a city to discover.

If you are undecided on what to visit in Pescara and do not know how to set your route you can rely on our 10 things to see. Ready to learn more?

Birthplace D'annunzio

Pescara is the city of Gabriele D'annunzio and visit his Birthplace is a must for lovers of literature, but not only. Trust us. The 18th-century building was declared a national monument in 1927. The museum dedicated to D'annunzio is located on the first floor of the House and consists of nine rooms that preserve the furnishings, antique furniture and objects of the writer.

Old Pescara

Old Pescara is the most ancient and charming city. We invite you to discover it walking along Via delle Caserme and look around because you can find several eighteenth century buildings with curious little balconies. During the evening is one of the places most frequented by young people because of the numerous restaurants and pubs. You just have to choose which local inspires more and give yourself a break.


TheAurum is one of the most popular places of Pescara and is also known as "the factory of ideas". The core of culture is concentrated within this majestic architectural structure. Already the exterior looks promising with the garden and the entrance with a porch, but we invite you to come inside because the Stills really deserves.


As we announced at the beginning Pescara is a seaside town and a nice scenic walk on the Boardwalk is mandatory. If you are a lover of photography we highly recommend you go here around sunset and enjoy a wonderful show. The same advice applies for romantics and those who enjoy even the simple things.

Sea Bridge

Remaining in the marine theme, the Sea Bridge is another 10 things to see in Pescara. This is the largest pedestrian and cycle bridge Italian and one of the largest in Europe. This structure connects the riviera South North of the river Pescara.

La Nave di Cascella

The fountain "ship" is a sculpture by the artist Pietro Cascella and is one of the main monuments in Pescara. The fountain is situated on the edge of the Boardwalk and consists of a rectangular marble tub containing a ship.

Government Palace

Government House is located down Italy Square, around it you will see a garden with flowers, trees, flower beds and two bronze works. This is a Green Island to fish very particular surrounding the entire square.

Cathedral Saint Cetteus

The Pescara Cathedral is one of the major places of worship. The building is dedicated to the patron saint of the city: San Cetteo. The original name of the Cathedral was the Temple of conciliation.

Museum Genti d'Abruzzo

The Genti d'Abruzzo Museum was founded on the initiative of the Archeoclub of Pescara. The Museum is a combination of two collections that in 1973 were exposed in the nearby birthplace of D'annunzio: the prehistoric materials and on objects and documents from the life of the people of Abruzzo. Here you can find all the ethnographic documentation with a good historical and modern photographic archive on the history of Abruzzo. An opportunity to discover the past of the city of Pescara.

Pineta Dannunziana

The Pineta Dannunziana is a nature reserve located in the South of Pescara. The pine forest is also known as "Park D'avalos" name in the family who owned the Marquis of Pescara.

Now you just have to go and discover the beauties of Pescara: enjoy your visit!