Rome postcard (Rome)

If you're looking for the right places to take beautiful photographs and want to admire the city from every possible angle that is the path that's right for you.

If in addition to museums and cultural spaces you want to also take a walk outside and spend some relaxing hours this is the proposal that does.

The starting point of your walk through the streets starts from the Roman Colosseum. You'll want to arm yourself with a nice camera or smartphone because we guarantee you would expect to find many views to capture. If then a lover of Instagram and you want to race with your friends through filters and hearts this is the right opportunity. The Colosseum is the inevitable destination of tourists and don't care if you see it for the first or the thousandth time you will always leave you open-mouthed. You'll be sure at any time of the day a crowd of tourists.

ColosseoOur walk continues to stage a must for all lovers of the classic panoramic circuit. To admire the breathtaking scenery you need to get to the top of the Vittoriano (be careful if you suffer from Vertigo). You will also find the view from Palatine to the area of the Hole to catch the Colosseum from above (an unrivaled glimpse) and the Circus Maximus with the Green Aventine hill.


Time to get off the Victorian we recommend you continue towards the city centre in the direction of Piazza del Popolo. Look around and you will find fountains, details that are hardly marked on tourist guides. Immerse yourself in the city and visit it completely. If your instinct tells you to stop before some or showcase your curiosity focuses on something let. The beauty of discovering a city is also to follow the moment and then return later to your track. Piazza del Popolo is a square of youth. Offers kids of all ages gathered to talk and to pass their afternoons sitting in the Sun.


From here you are close to the Pincio. What is it about? Is a wonderful terrace surrounded by the Park of Villa Borghese. The view you can enjoy from here is immense and if steps towards sunset we assure postcard photographs! The game that usually they all do once you get here you can find all the most important places in Rome. The race is open!

Of course we invite you to discover the Park of Villa Borghese and we are confident that you will be in love. This is one of the largest green spaces and you can visit Roman buskers playing on summer evenings are frequently organised events large and small. You know that here there is also the House of Cinema?

Roma dall'alto

If the weather is nice is the perfect place to kick back and why not also make a snack or a picnic. The important thing is to respect the environment and do not forget the waste around. If you have enough time you can also visit Villa Borghese and its magical world. During the summer, this is one of the best places to look for some cool and beat the heat. The Park is huge and it is impossible not to stop at least half an hour to read a good book when you have time. You can pretend for a moment that he was a Roman, and put aside your tourist map: relax and take a little. However, if you are not tired you reveal the next stage.


The last of our route is another terrace. The most famous of all, the Gianicolo, the Hill situated behind Trastevere you can recognize San Pietro, the Pantheon, the Vittoriano and much more. You can take as many photos as you like sunsets imaginable because the view from here is nothing short of spectacular. Bring out your side by Instagrammers doc and the best of you!

We accompanied a changing you point of view: this Rome from above can give the twist to your trip!

Photos by Remedioss, Frenzis8, squares of Rome and Lorranystorrodumof.