Live the Golfo di Orosei: 4 beautiful places in nature. (Baunei)

Between the districts of Nuoro and Ogliastra stretches one of the most characteristic bays of Sardinia, the Gulf of Orosei. It is a unique gulf because consisting of limestone bastions that have on their backs numerous forests of Macchia Mediterranea. What is most striking is that these places, that we present, for a long time, were inaccessible and still show their wild side to the many visitors to the area.

Cala Gonone and the coastal caves:

Cala Gonone as well as being considered a tourist destination and ideal for a relaxing holiday also has the advantage of being a fundamental starting point for boat trips. From Cala Gonone, in fact, you can easily reach the many coves and caves scattered along the gulf coast, by ferries, thus avoiding the hiking trails located above the caves considered suitable for experienced hikers. Cala Luna, Cala Sisine and Cala Fuili are the three most beautiful bays of the Gulf, easily reachable by sea. The Grotta del Bue Marino is one of the largest caves in the area, able to penetrate inside the coast for about 15 kilometers, one kilometer visited safely, giving visitors enchanting scenery surrounded by majestic stalactites and stalagmites. The Grotta del Bue Marino takes it name from the famous monk seal that lived there, now presumed extinct due to the overwhelming thrust tourist. The cave is also famous for the incredible petroglyphs found on the walls dating back to the Ozieri culture.

National Park of the Orosei Gulf -Gennargentu:

The National Park of the Bay of Orosei and Gennargentu, was founded in 1998 to safeguard the numerous plant and animal species, is the largest park in Sardinia consisting of fantastic places such as the majestic mountain range of Supramonte to the Gulf of Orosei. What is most striking is the great glance created by the encounter between the Gennargentu mountains and the sea forming a singular frame of a wild and untamed. In the park you can admire the highest expression of the spectacular natural value of Sardinia that will allow every visitor to be able to satisfy the pleasures of the wilderness.


Moving away from the crowded beaches, visiting the hinterland of the town of Dorgali you can find many tombs and dolmen dating back to the Sardinian period "prenuragico", both isolated and collected in large concentrations. The famous "Domus de Janas", the houses of the fairies, are stone structures regarded as graves which were dug directly into the rock. All this is to be considered as a legend of course, since these small caves were used to bury the dead and had the shape of the classic era homes but in miniature. Among the most impressive megalithic buildings of the Sardinian territory stand out dolmen, the slabs embedded in the ground with top of granite stone slabs that covered completely, as the Dolmen of Monte Longu. Usually they were oriented and positioned according to a precise reference Astronomical precisely because of their sacred and religious value use. One of the most preserved Tombs of the giants such as Ena and Thomes is one of the most fascinating mysteries of the island. It has a width of 10 meters and the central stele, carved from a single granite slab, is almost 4 meters high and weighs about 7 tons and is precisely for this reason that the tomb is approached to the Giants name.


The coast of Arbatax, a village situated on the Capo Bellavista area just south of the Orosei Gulf, is one of the most unique and beautiful areas of the region because of its famous red rocks, red porphyry, which have a rare beauty. Arbatax The name derives from "ashar" (fourteen), just because of the long Spanish domination that characterized the entire island, as is thought to indicate the fourteenth defensive tower built right on the coast. Of great tourist and historical interest is the "Feast of Stella Maris", a holiday that, as usual, in the month of July, celebrates the patron saint Our Lady of Arbatax and the sea. During the festivities, the country is completely decorated with white and blue ribbons, the streets are filled with stalls full of food and craft products and squares are full of musical performances to great effect.