Cosa vedere a Trezzo sull'Adda: weekend di relax (Trezzo sull'adda)

Trezzo: ideal place to relax

Far from the bustle of big cities, it was founded Trezzo, a picturesque place, situated on the banks of the river Adda. A small town, whose charm has also caught the genius Leonardo da Vinci, who repeatedly has immortalized the beauty in his paintings and frescoes. The landscape behind the Mona Lisa, the scenario of the Virgin of the Rocks and many other sketches by the Florentine painter admired by people today all over the world, fully capture the magic of these places. The meandering river running through the city. To appreciate the beauty of Trezzo is essential to discover the treasures it has to offer.

The Visconti Castle and the central Taccani
If you are passing through, you can visit the Visconti Castle. Romantic in its magnificence, it is the ideal place to spend a relaxing day, maybe enjoy a picnic with your family and enjoy the view on the banks of the Adda. Step back and you are immersed in the Middle Ages, between ancient ruins and towers damaged by centuries of wars and raids. Built by Bernabo Visconti in 1300, it was a residence and a prison, becoming one of the most interesting examples of civil engineering of the time. Today it is owned by the City of Trezzo and periodically provides the opportunity for visitors to discover all the secrets of the castle, admire the vastness of the Bergamo hills and relax by walking beside the river before sunset, perhaps with the person of the heart.
A few steps from the Castle stands the Taccani hydroelectric implant, built in the early years of the twentieth century and today place of the heart for citizens and tourists. Built in neo-Romanesque style, it is considered a marvel of technology, able to combine architecture and efficiency without contaminating the surrounding environment. On the front there are art nouveau inserts with medieval references, which give continuity with the Castle above. The perfect place to unwind from the daily chaos and be pampered by the sound of water and wind, or take long rides along the surrounding trails.

The Oasi Le Foppe and the Adda North Park
Not far from the center of Trezzo you can admire the Oasi Le Foppe, inaugurated in the year two thousand and managed by the WWF. The paths allow you to admire the thick vegetation and allow you to discover some wild bird or animal that right there stopover during migration seasons. The beauty of the place is amazing and reminds us with the respect and sensitivity is necessary to relate to nature and environment. Volunteers help to make the oasis a hospitable place where you can spend a day in contact with nature and silently observe and photograph. An extraordinary example of environmental recovery, a place of peace and serenity, ideal for staying in contact with nature and to send back the clock to stop time.
A few steps from the banks of the river Adda lies the North Adda Park, where, thanks to the shape of the river, the landscape takes on special and unusual features. It brings together a wide variety of habitats, from wetlands to those forests, which receive amazing flora species found exclusively in the Park. Easily accessible from the city center, it is the perfect place for lovers of nature photography or for those who simply want to spend special moments with your family, collecting unforgettable memories, immersed in the silence of untouched nature.

The Sanctuary of Concesa
On the facade of the Church of SS. Gervasio and Protasio appears this plaque
"[...] He felt that vast silent rumble
the touches of a clock: I imagine that would be to Trezzo [...] »
It is not only an extract of the Promessi Sposi, but the sign that even the illustrious writer Alessandro Manzoni was impressed by the beauty and charm of Trezzo. A surprise, however, are not only picturesque landscapes and the unique environment, but also the architectural marvels built by man. We refer to the Sanctuary of Concesa, a splendid example of Lombard Baroque, legends and miracles theater, where the incorporeal is intertwined with the concrete of the rich frescoes and imposing statues, where the spirituality is palpable. Once again it is the Adda as a frame, which with water ripples and reflections of the vegetation becomes an imaginative framework, able to give you peace and serenity.

Villa Gina
If you want to admire a wonderful landscape, where the hills come together to the river, stands Villa Gina from Trezzo headland. The Villa is an elegant house built in the mid-nineteenth century by the mayor Paolo Bassi and a splendid example of Renaissance architecture. It is said that it was also the home of Pietro Moscati, the doctor of Napoleon Bonaparte. In fact, several times changed ownership and use. Currently it belongs to the City of Trezzo, and is often a place of public events such as exhibitions, dances and cultural events, with the participation of a growing number of visitors. From here you can admire the beauty of Trezzo plain where arise three rivers: the Adda, the Martesana and Crespi channel, or cut out the moments to live in peace.