Portofino: the jewel of Liguria (Portofino)

Discovering Portofino! The most beautiful village of Liguria like you've never seen! Follow our path and become a fan of the little "moon bow" of Tigullio.

To admire the beauty of Portofino we recommend heading to the square of the Church of San Giorgio, situated on a cliff on the headland. From here you can see the harbor and the characteristic row of colorful houses. The Church of San Martino, the twelfth century, is rather in the oldest part of the country and incredibly still has baroque marbles, sculptures and paintings, such as the triptych of Saints Rocco, Sebastian and Fabiano. Behind the village the way up the roads and trails of Mount numerous excursions to Portofino are an equally intense over the beauty of the sea.

The fifties and sixties, Portofino has become one of the symbols of the sweet life. Since 1995 he is part of the Portofino Club "Tourism in Europe Jewels" which groups European tourist centers of high quality and of unquestionable environmental and cultural interest. Brown Castle towers over the marina with all its majesty and is definitely a place to visit. Its lush terrace protrudes vertically above the village and offers a unique view for prestigious events, which often hosts. Is considered unique location in the world just because of Portofino Castle is ideal for planning their dream wedding, a special ceremony or the most exclusive business marketing event.

Every town in Italy has its festivals and traditions, and Portofino is certainly no exception. The traditional parade of Christs with fireworks and bonfires in the main square is the religious celebration that includes the exhibition of the relics of St. George the Martyr, jealously guarded by portofinesi in the Church of San Giorgio, dedicated to him.

The coastal area of ​​Portofino and its surroundings is part of the Natural Marine Protected Area, with the aim of protection of the environment and of marine resources and the enhancement of local economic activities, provided they are compatible with the nature and significance of the landscape. The Regional Natural Park of Portofino instead preserves and safeguards since 1935 the extraordinary beauty of the Ligurian territory and its traditions, while maintaining usable about 80 km of trails. The park allows you to visit sites of particular historical and cultural interest, like the Old Traffic Light, Batteries, The mill Gassetta, Locanda di San Fruttuoso and the Hermitage of Niasca.

We just have to wish you a good stay in Portofino, the most beautiful and romantic of the whole Liguria.