Capri: curiosity of the magical Mediterranean resorts (Anacapri)

The height of the summer holidays we want to introduce one of the most sought after destinations of Campania archipelago, the island of Capri. Let's find out together!

The town of Capri is famous for its elegance and for its night life in the city streets and the square. The beautiful and luxurious historic hotels and the beautiful cliffs, caves and walks along the trekking routes, are to be considered as a business card of Capri, which provides a sophisticated and high-quality tourism.

If you are looking for a stunning headland and a magnificent view over the Gulf of Naples visit Villa Jovis. The villa has been designed, you think, by Tiberius, and is located on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea. Not far from the ruins of Villa Jovis you find Villa Lysis completely surrounded by climbing plants and cypresses of an extensive garden. The mansion, built by the French Count Jacques d'Adelsward Fersen was built in 1905 and still manages to keep unaltered Liberty imprint where it represents a real charming place. The Villa San Michele, the hermitage deliberately constructed by the Swede Axel Munthe, is located on one of the best sights of the whole island. And 'possible to admire, among other objects of the villa, the head of Medusa, of medieval religious art sculptures, frescos and Roman sculptures and the famous Egyptian sphinx. The latter has become definitely a symbol of the hermitage and has been placed on one of the most scenic spots of the whole Villa San Michele with an eye toward the immensity of the great blue sea, which surrounds the whole island.

The Certosa di San Giacomo is the oldest monastery of Capri, dated between 1363 and 1374. The monastery consists of course the church, a small cloister, the refectory and rooms used for various services. Following the numerous Saracen invasions of the '500 they are introduced some significant changes and extensions of the cloister (making it bigger) and the addition of a guard tower, the quarter of the prior and the clock tower.

Remaining in the area, a place definitely worth visiting is the most famous sea cave, the Grotta Azzurra of Anacapri. You will be definitely affected by the refraction of the light games that give a blue reflection on the walls. According to the stories was a place considered sacred in ancient and cursed for fishermen, convinced it was haunted by spirits. Considered by many tourists as symbols of Capri, the Faraglioni will impress for their majesty. indeed guardians of the island are defined by their size, capable of reaching approximately 100 meters high. Choose the best way to admire the Faraglioni from the sea, perhaps starting a tour of the island with one of the many ferries available and remember than exchanging a kiss, if you are in good company, during the passage through the arch of the Stack of the way, It will bring you luck! If you want to enjoy a different view from that of classical Faraglioni, head to the Gardens of Augustus, from Piazza Umberto I and through Via Vittorio Emanuele. The gardens are located near Via Krupp, an area that was bought by the German Friedrich Alfred Krupp, where he built a winding road overlooking the sea that leads to Marina Piccola. Unfortunately, at present, the area has been made safe for the danger of falling rocks and you will have to wait to cross it .. for the moment you can just look down from the terrace of the Gardens of Augustus.

The island has a peak reached by chairlift in 12 minutes slow. This is the Monte Solaro which, with its 589 meters above sea level, is the highest point of the entire island of Capri. Its terraces look goes from the Faraglioni to the city center of Capri, to allow the view to reach the Sorrento Peninsula, the Galli islands and the entire Gulf of Naples.

We just have to pack your bags and discover the rest of the island of Capri, leaving transported by the wonders of the Mediterranean people!