Quick guide to Sorrento: a fantastic place to discover (Sorrento)

Sorrento has always been a popular destination for tourism and exclusive land of culinary delights is not insignificant. Starting from the historical center of the city, reach Piazza Tasso, dedicated precisely to Torquato Tasso, a famous poet from Sorrento, and from which you can directly reach the splendid sea passing through the main street, Corso Italy. Along the course do not miss the visit of Saints Philip and James Cathedral, which has its main value in the interior woodwork, work of the renowned Sorrento artisans.

Other place of worship of great interest is the Basilica of St. Anthony is located in the square, dedicated to the patron saint of the city. Built with marble from the greek-Roman buildings, the church has three naves divided by twelve columns, and also contains works of great value: among them a painting of the episode in which St. Anthony freed from demonic possession the daughter of Sicario, Duke of Benevento. If still not enough, site ideal to see may not be the Convent of St. Francis, with its quiet and peaceful fourteenth-century cloister located inside.

Next to the convent found in the sea the Villa Comunale has to offer a breathtaking view, from which you can admire the gulf of Naples. From the Villa Comunale a steep and narrow alley leading to the Marina Piccola, the port of the town from where ferries depart for Ischia and Capri.

Also visit the Correale Museum, home to 24 rooms on three floors in which are preserved pictorial and decorative art collections as well as numerous archaeological remains that testify to the ancient history of Sorrento. The villa also has a beautiful garden where towering plane trees and olive trees. There are other beautiful places like the Valley of the Millsthe Museum of Wood Inlay Bottega than pursuing a craft artistic enhancement program Sorrento, in particular, of 'inlay, and the Baths of the Queen Giovanna, a reef located at the head of Sorrento, but one of the most important archaeological sites of the peninsula, enchanting place where nature, sea and past merge.