10 things to see in Matera (Matera)

A guide of Matera can not lose sight of the famous Sassi of Matera in all their particularity. Here we think the 10 Things to see in the capital of culture in 2019!

Caveoso and Church of San Pietro Caveoso

The Caveoso owes its name to the caves that have written the history of time. After being inhabited until the early fifties, the area has been re-evaluated and is now an important tourist destination, thanks to the Church of San Pietro Caveoso, located in the Sasso, one of the most fascinating rock churches of the city. Its terraced structure on which they climb the houses reminiscent of the great Greek amphitheatres. And 'one of the most important of the Sassi of Matera.

La Casa Grotta Vico Solitario

Everything has remained as it was left. Until 1957, the Cave House was a humble dwelling in the heart of Sasso Caveoso. Inhabited by a family of 11 people, the house Cave is a wonderful example of the human capacity to adapt to the area while protecting the environment. The house can be visited in its entirety, as if time had never passed, even among the stones.

Tramontano Castle

Dominates and controls the city from Lapillo, the hill overlooking the old town of Matera. The castle is named after Count Tramontano, his feudal lord who ordered its construction in the early years of the '500. A bloody history accompanies the construction of this veritable fortress: Count Tramontano, unsympathetic character and despotic, imposed for the construction of his castle extremely high taxes, accompanied by inadequate wages even lowered. The people opted for the rebellion and killed the Count. Even today, on the emblem is imprinted the phrase "Bos lassus firmius figit pedem", which translated means "the ox tired sinking paw more firmly."

The Crypt of the Original Sin

"The Sistine Chapel of rock art" was renamed by scholars as the Crypt of the Original Sin. Discovered only 50 years ago, due to the persistence of a group of young people, the crypt has for years been used as a rest for the shepherds and the sheep. The extraordinary paintings and depictions of angels, which have led to the crypt as the "Cave of the Hundred Saints", not actually have a father, the artist has made it known as the "Painter of Flowers" to the petals red framing the entire composition.

Park of the Murgia Matera and the trail Belvedere

If two great artists like Pasolini and Mel Gibson have chosen this scenario for their films, we can be sure that it is a lovely place. Therefore could not miss in our guide to Matera the Park of the Murgia Matera, an important nature reserve, a regional park established in 1990. In mountain bike or on foot for a walk in the park, this is a paradise on earth! From the path Belvedere, due to its location panormaica, you can see the Sassi of Matera and you can see several rock caves dug into the mountain skillfully.

MUSMA - Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera

To see on a sightseeing tour of the city there are only the Stones! In our guide he could not miss the MUSMA, an open book that can tell as few others the history of sculpture from 1800 to today. The entire collection, much of it donated by the Foundation Zétema, presents the sculptures to art books, through jewelry and ornaments of various kinds. Even the venue hosting the MUSMA is historical: it is Pomeraci Palace, known as "Palace of hundred rooms" for its grandeur. The sculpture museum also has a rich library named Vanni Scheiwiller, containing the entire printed collection of the renowned publisher.


Our tour continues with a splendid view of the Sasso Barisano. The cathedral is dedicated to protectors of the city (the Madonna della Bruna and St. Eustatius) and is built with a mixed style. Outside you immediately notice a large portal, richly decorated, topped by a rose window in turn, on which he stands the figure of the Archangel Michael slaying a dragon. The facade in Romanesque style full collides with an inner bypass baroque, but it's still wonderful altarpiece of the "Virgin and Child with Saints" who, like the cathedral, is under renovation until the end of November.

Church of Santa Maria di Idris

One of the fine examples of rock art is the Madonna de Idris, known as the Church of Santa Maria de Idris. After a short climb, reached the top of the rock, you can see this church beautifully preserved. After taking a photo of the beautiful scenery of the Sassi of Matera, in Santa Maria di Idris you come across enchanting cave paintings, still among the most important of the whole art movement.

Good trip through the historic streets of Matera, capital of culture in 2019!