10 things to see in Rimini (Rimini)

When you decide to go to Rimini you choose to point to sunbathing and nightlife in the city every summer. You know there's not much else in addition to the promenade and the beach?

What are the 10 things to see if you spend a weekend in Rimini?

Tiberius Bridge

The Bridge of Augustus and Tiberius was built in the era of ancient Rome. It is said that it is the Devil's bridge two notches on the rail foot footprint resemble goats mail to side mount.

Motorcycle Museum

You must know that in Rimini is the Motorcycle Museum born in late 1994 on the initiative of three collectors. A complete exposure with pieces from all over the world. There are over 60 Italian and foreign houses, 250 motorcycles produced from the late 19th century to the years ' 80.

Tempio Malatestiano

The Malatesta Temple, simply named as the Duomo, is the main church of the city. This imposing building is one of the most significant architecture of the XV century. We suggest you enter inside to see the huge crucifix by Giotto.

The treasure of the Cathedral

Are you ready to discover the treasure of the Cathedral? Located next to the Malatesta Temple and if you are a fan of Renaissance art, this stage is mandatory. You can observe the showcases containing sacred silverware of the Cathedral. There are bits like goblets, furniture, paintings, reliquaries.

Amintore Galli Theatre

The Teatro Amintore Galli is a historic building in the city. Annually are held inside the exhibitions of Cartoon Club, the international comic strip Festival and many other private events such as art exhibitions.


The Tiberius is a Roman building overlooking Piazza Cavour. Tradition has it that in the Loggia at street level-place where notaries were holding Bank and was publicly administered justice-there was a large Boulder, called lapis magnum, on which the debtors were condemned to beat three times on the bare bottom, uttering loud formula cedo bonis.

Augustine Church

The Church of Saint Augustine is one of the most imposing of the city and we are confident that its bell tower will captivate you. Get ready to take some pictures because this building deserves to be photographed from every possible perspective.

Piazza Malatesta

The piazza Malatesta has medieval origins and was in ancient times the center of civil and religious power. Much of the area was occupied by the huge moat of Castel Sismondo, basement and filled in the 19th century.

Museum of regards

The Museum of regards ethnological and archaeological cultures is dedicated to Africa, Oceania and pre-Columbian America and is one of the most significant collections in Europe. It was opened in 1972 as a Museum of Primitive arts.

Arco di Augusto

Thearch of Augustus dates from 27 BC and is the oldest remaining Roman arch. Along with Tiberius bridge is a symbol of Rimini and appears on the coat of arms of the city. You can see a muzzle of an ox above the opening of the arc. It represents the strength and power of Rome and inside the arc you can find depicted the goddess Roma.

Now you're officially ready to go and see for yourself all these wonders. Download our app to move better in town and to have always with you the itinerary of Rimini.