10 things to see in Bari (Bari)

The Puglia is a region rich in breathtaking and there hardly falls when you switch between these areas.

If you plan to visit, in particular, Bari could be useful to know what are the 10 things to see absolutely. So before you make your itinerary, you can browse through the different stages that we offer. You get to pack, choose the most comfortable shoes you have, take a camera because there is a lot of fun and surprising! Ready to discover the city? Jump with us.

1. Basilica San Nicola

Bari is the town of San Nicola, and his relics are located within the beautiful Basilica. We suggest you get in to admire the three aisles decorated in baroque style. The Byzantine and Romanesque art are the stars of the structure. You must know that the legend has it that this church was built to conceal the Holy Grail.

2. Piazza del Ferrarese

It is overlooking the Promenade Augusto Imperatore. It is located opposite the old port of Bari and the usually advise tourists to start from here their tour to explore the city. So trust! The best time to admire this square is definitely in the evening because the sea view is breathtaking. We are sure that you will return here again because there is an amazing view and we do not settle for just a few minutes pass.

3. Promenade Augusto Imperatore

A nice walk along the promenade, maybe during sunset, is a must. If you are a lover of Instagram it is the perfect place. Bari on the Adriatic Sea for about 40 kilometers and with its mild climate you can be quiet almost the entire year. You know that there are two ports?

4. Norman Castle

There are several ways to reach the Castello Svevo. If you choose the one next to the theaters you on a ride you can only admire the Petruzzelli dedicated to Alberto Sordi, the Teatro Margherita and Teatro Piccinini. The castle dates back to 1131 and was rebuilt a few years later by Frederick II. Inside you can find the exhibition of sculptures to be discovered.

5. Teatro Petruzzelli

It is the largest theater in this city, the fourth Italian theater as greatness. It is located in the center of Corso Cavour. You must know that in 1991 it suffered a fire and the burning of arson brought considerable damage to the structure. It was rebuilt and opened in 2009, now you can admire it during the opera season and shows that are staged throughout the year.

6. Palace Fizzarotti

It is an impressive building in an eclectic style and you can not miss it. It consists of three floors with a gallery lined up. It is currently used for residential use, but also houses a multi-purpose center with various exhibition halls.

7. Via Sparano

Among the various places to see can not miss this path because it is the perfect place to indulge in a little 'shopping. Here you can find all the shops to suit every taste and during a vacation you always buy something new with the excuse of "having a thing" to take home.

8. District Murat

It extends between the station and the coast, forming the present urban center of the city, in addition to Bari Vecchia. They say it is the liveliest area of ​​the capital, in fact you can find Piazza Umberto I, and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and the palace of the University.

9. District San Nicola

It is part of the Bari Vecchia and is located within the ancient walls. This area is enclosed between the two ports of Bari, the new and the old. Together with Murat district is part of the busy area and lived by the inhabitants. Here you can stroll the streets of Old Town and discover up close the history of the city.

10. San Sabino Cathedral

This is an example of Romanesque style. It is a building consisting of a simple facade. You might also see the bell tower with its windows. We advise you to venture inside to find out all its details.