Gallipoli: path through the Pearl of the Ionian Sea (Gallipoli)

The Pearl of the Ionian, Gallipoli, like you've never seen on our path!

The beautiful town of Gallipoli is divided in the Borgo Nuovo and Borgo Antico. The historic center of Gallipoli is comparable to a small island nestled on the water and connected to the mainland by a stone bridge. A must see is the old city which was built by the Greeks as a labyrinth where all the streets are crossed into one another, scoring all of the paths that lead to the city walls overlooking the harbor. The Old Town is full of ancient palaces and churches such as the Church of the Holy Cross, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Canneto and the Church of San Domenico to Rosario. Also in the historical center of Gallipoli it is possible to visit the Cathedral of Sant'Agata, recently restored and maximum expression of Baroque architecture and the Greek Fountain, located at the beginning of a stone bridge connecting the new village with the ancient village where are depicted in bas-relief the metamorphoses of mythological characters and the various and numerous churches belonging to each one of the fraternities of the city's arts and crafts.

The Angevin-Aragonese Castle stands at the entrance of the old town of Gallipoli. The manor has changed over the centuries its face and its function, from historical to modern defensive stronghold container and promoter of culture through events and exhibitions at national and international character. Currently it offers a historical tour dedicated to the city and a fascinating overview of the interior spaces, but also wide and suggestive glimpses of gallipoline bays. Inside you can admire various architectural details such as the spectacular Hall Ennagonale, the Halls Circular with their striking echo effect, the women's gallery and the Tudor arch of the old entrance to the fortress.

In contact with the historical center there is a small beach which is accessed down some stairs that connect the city center with the marina, this is the beach of Purity. It takes its name from the Church of Purity that is directly above the beach. Here it is kept the statue of Santa Cristina, patron saint who is celebrated with processions, illuminations and fireworks July 24.

The coasts of Salento are famous for the presence of numerous defensive towers as in the past was a place coveted by many peoples of the Mediterranean. In Gallipoli there are three very beautiful towers to visit: Sabea Torre, Torre del Pizzo and Torre San Giovanni the tread. About a kilometer and a half from the mainland, there is the Island of Sant' Andrea. Unfortunately the Island can be visited with organized tours only but we are sure that it will be a great panoramic subject for your wonderful photos.

You just have to pack your bags and discover the wonders of Salento and the city of Gallipoli !