Egyptian Museum

Via Accademia delle Scienze 6 (Turin)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-6:30 PM

5 18 °

The Egyptian Museum is the second most important in the world, second only to that of Cairo and is the oldest Egyptian museum in the world. Dedicated to art and culture of ancient Egypt, the museum houses about 30,000 pieces documenting the history and civilization of Egypt. Many of the pieces of relief, one of the most important is the intact tomb of Kha and Merit, are also exposed numerous sarcophagi, mummies, the statuary, and the gods of ancient Egypt "Turin Papyrus Map".

Among the museums to see in the historic center of Turin, and in general among the museums of the city, the Egyptian Museum is one of the most famous, visited and appreciated. In 2013 the museum was added to by the British newspaper The Times in the top 50 museums in the world.

After renovation and expansion, on 1 April 2015 has opened a new Egyptian museum, completely renovated with a surface area more than doubled, an exhibition hall, and several areas for lessons. The museum is divided into four floors (three floors above ground and one underground) with a guided tour chronological. In addition the museum has provided an important library, spaces of restoration and study of mummies and papyrus and from June 2015 to participate in an international archaeological expedition in Egypt.

The museum is housed in the premises of the Academy of Sciences, in the street, close to Piazza Carignano.

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