STRADA STATALE 115, (Agrigento)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
10:18 PM-10:18 PM

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Is located in contrada Caos, 4 kilometres from Agrigento and is reached along the strada statale 115 to Porto Empedocle.
The House is a late 18th century rural building, situated in a hamlet, at Agrigento, named "chaos", a plateau overlooking the sea, dotted with olive trees and Oaks.
The Ricci Gramitto, avi writer's maternal side, were in possession of Villa in 1817. In it the Pirandello family had taken refuge to escape the severe cholera epidemic that raged in 1867 in Sicily. Damaged in 1944 by the blast near ammunition dump of American troops, was declared a national monument in 1949. Three years later the Sicilian region the bought and began the work of restoration and Home accommodation and stradella with pine. The rooms with views of the countryside are home to a vast collection of photographs, reviews and honors, first editions of books with autograph dedications, original paintings dedicated to Luigi Pirandello, posters of his most famous works represented in theaters around the world. Periodically the House also hosts temporary exhibitions dedicated to the master. Since 1987 the House constitutes a single Institute with the library Luigi Pirandello.

Tours Info:
Tomb of the writer from 9.00 an hour before sunset.
Luigi Pirandello library from/Ven.. -13.30 Mer/Gio. 8.30. 15.00-18.00

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