VIA GALATEA, 5 (Acireale)

B 28 °

The puppet Opera, founded in 1887 by the puparo ACEs and don Mariano Pennisi, in tone, was then transferred in 1928, to its current location in via Alessi.
Opra's representation of the puppets, don Mariano followed a very personal taste, introducing techniques and puppet size different than Palermo and Catania school. In 1934 the baton passed to adoptive son Emanuele Macrì, who led the work of the puppets around the world receiving flattering achievements. In 1983 the Soprintendenza per i Beni Culturali ed Ambientali di Catania declared that "the theatre of via Alessi is a testimony to cultural interest as the only example of Teatro Stabile which remains linked to the Sicilian tradition of puppet Opera". The Sicilian region has acquired and restored the theatre, returning to the city of Acireale this building of great cultural significance, which is preparing to host the deeds of the Paladins. The theatre is currently housed the exhibition of "Theatre Collection Pennisi – M of Acireale, and puppet theatres equipment belonging to the Sicilian land unavailable of the Sicilian region.

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