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Housed in a neoclassical building designed by engineer Mariano Panebianco Acireale. It is the oldest Academy in Sicily, founded under the name Zelantea in 1671. In 1834 was United to the Congregation of the fathers of the study and in 1934 to the eighteenth century the Accademia dei Dafnici. From 1963, by Decree of the President of the Republic, took its present name and a new Statute. The library contains hundreds of thousands of volumes, dating from 1461, including some incunabula of ' 500. In the part devoted to Museum is housed an eighteenth-century carriage of ACEs and Senate, a collection of Greek-Roman remains, including a bust of Acireale (Roman archaeological find uncovered in 1675 in the village of Capomulini), a collection of weapons, some collections of minerals, fossils and coins.

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