VIA CAPPUCCINI, 138 (Caltagirone)

Q 18 °

Within the Capuchin monastery is a small museum with silverware of seventeenth and eighteenth century, alabaster figurines, wood and wax, vestments, in Brocade damask and silk and gold embroidery; Tabernacles with precious inlays of Cypress, walnut, ivory and tortoise; an art gallery with works of the 17th and 18th centuries by various authors including Filippo Paladini (1604), simple to Verona (1649), Mario Minniti (1608), Pietro Novelli (17th century), Salvatore Mangano (18th century) and others; several 18th-century leather frontals and a copy of the Holy Shroud, silk painting, donated by Prince Maurice of Savoy in 1649 father Innocenzo from Caltagirone. In the crypt of the adjacent church of the Capuchins, the late sixteenth century, in 1992 was a monumental Nativity scene. It tells the story of "Salvation" from Annunciation to resurrection of Christ, with terracotta representations, which placed first in individual niches end into one spectacular view "Overview". The terracotta sculptures were donated by local potters.

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