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The Museum, Palazzo, a Mani building built in the 18th century. on the ruins of a 16th-oldest of which still remain traces in the ground floor. The building is also mentioned in historical chronicles since in it the 13 August 1863 Giuseppe Garibaldi gave the famous speech concluded from the phrase "... or Rome or death".   The Museum illustrates the phases of prehistoric, classical and medieval archaeological sites in the province of Enna, excluding the territories of Centuripe, Aidone and Piazza Armerina, for which exist or are under construction specific museums. The collections come from excavations carried out by the Superintendence, private transfers and acquisitions by Museums of Syracuse and Agrigento.   Sequencing of Museo is treated according to a criterion of topographic, sites and contexts of origin. In each room are exposed and finds, through educational media, shows the places of discovery and history of research.

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