VIA ROMA, 533 (Enna)

II Musical Art Museum of Enna, 3 m is the first multimedia Museum in Sicily. Located in the historic centre of Enna, between the Lombardy Castle and the Cathedral, experience a new way of popularizing the art, history and traditions, combining images of masters of painting, from the Sicilian Antonello da Messina to Renato Guttuso, evocative soundtracks, made specially by the composer ennese Sebastian O, founder of the Museum.  Permanent exhibitions in the masters of Sicilian Painting music (by Antonello da Messina to Renato Guttuso), with more than 600 paintings in virtual exhibition; Sicily Enna Province and in music, with soundtrack and images dedicated to history, art, culture and traditional events and Enna Sicily; The Holy week in Enna with pictures accompanied by traditional music composed by Paolo Di Enna God and "lamentanze", ancient chants now in disuse.

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