Museo Mandralisca

Via Mandralisca, 13 (Cefalù)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-11:00 PM
12:59 PM-12:59 PM

The nineteenth-century palace of the noble family Mandralisca is interdisciplinary Museum comprising both fruit collections archaeological excavations conducted by Baron Enrico Parcha of Mandralisca, both purchases from antique dealers. The Museum consists of a picture gallery with the precious artwork of Antonello da Messina entitled "portrait of a man". The collection consists of archaeological finds of excavations in Lipari, in the Dash, it comes from the crater Siculus red on a black background saying of "seller of tuna", and other finds from the excavations conducted at Tindari and Cefalù. The numismatic collection consists of coins from mints of the most important ancient Sicily and nearby Lipari. The malacological collection, one of the richest in Europe, boasts rare Sicilian species such as maravignae Zwemamm, the Helix nebrodensis madonite mountains, the Helix mazzulli v. cephaludensis from the rock of Cefalù, the Helix aradasi. The ornithological collection consists of about 130 individuals, mostly from Madonie. Among the most interesting specimens an example of immature Griffin (species now extinct in Sicily) and an eagle which remains only the head. Extensive book collection of approximately seven thousand volumes of the baronial library includes an ancient Fund and a historical archive, which includes two incunabula. In the Palace are several fine furniture and art objects belonging to the ancient baronial family.

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