Piazza Indipendenza 1 (Palermo)

H 23 °

The main entrance is located in Parliament Square, tourist and Wheeler on independence square, in front of Palazzo d'Orleans, the seat of the Presidency of the Sicilian region.
In addition to the Palatine Chapel, parts of construction attributed to Normans are the Tower of Pisa, home of the treasure room, and the Tower, which houses Gioaria downstairs the Hall of Armigeri and upstairs, the so-called "parliamentary Plan", the Hall of the winds and King Roger's room decorated with mosaics of Byzantine school depicting hunting scenes.
On the second floor of the building are also the room of Hercules, the current meeting of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, the yellow room and the room of the Viceroy.
The halls are linked to the so-called crypt from two side stairs. The crypt is actually a Byzantine inspired Church consisting of a square compartment below the chancel, divided by two stone columns and characterized by a large central apse and two side apses of smaller dimensions.

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