PIAZZA DUOMO, (Chiaramonte Gulfi)

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The collection of Gulino, collector of Earley nationally, more than a thousand exhibits, on events that have affected the Italian military history over the past two centuries.
Relics enshrined embrace tragic and heroic moments of our soldiers, in the trenches of Carso or on the battlefields of Africa, of Greece, of Russia. The richest finds are the first war, the Fascist era and the second world war.
The exhibition series of the collection is dominated by military headgear, all forge. And then from helmets (some with entry and exit holes, others with radio headphones) of various generations and countries.
Weapons are copiously represented. Already the Museum entrance stands a Breda Cannonball from 76/40, the traditional war emblem. Then gas masks, sabres, mines, hand grenades, a machine gun's skeleton, a bullet of 1908, a tape trays for machine gun, a bomb, torpedo-like large cannon shells, a stick, and then tear triple various bodywork elements, a reservoir of 43 for the autonomy of the plane's flight.
Makes beautiful view an extensive collection of military costumes, with every kind of frieze and distinctive.
Some exposed lighters, sent by soldiers to their families, eloquent dedications: "Please don't try to talk to me of Viet Nam: there have already been".

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