VIA MONTESANO, 1 (Chiaramonte Gulfi)

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It consists of works donated by the family De Vita, on Master's explicit, chiaramontana community. The collection is distributed in some quarters of the ancient Palace Montesano, of which somehow that pictorial Symposium enhances noble architectural profiles.
Are the techniques of watercolor and tempera, in which the master has put a significant part of his art. But also the technique of oil painting features a valuable collection chiaramontana side. In oil on canvas are Idyllic "works", "a bunch of illusions", "the Lighthouse". With the oil technique are still made of the works "forms" harmonies, "Fervor", "nest", "portrait of the sister", "Golgotha" – all in a single environment.
The works on display are a sign of a production with a soft, delicate, but sharp, territorial identity, so almost in painting that reveal unambiguous "debts" iblei, and Maestro De Vita plays with inimitable pienezze.

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