VIA MACCHIAVELLI, 19 (Palazzolo Acreide)

5 15 °

The rooms of the House Museum is located on the ground floor of the building; these environments in the past were inhabited by massaro employed by the big landowner, which occupied the top of the building. The massaro besides farm work, was also in the preparation of ricotta, received delivery of foodstuffs and the gabelle of renters, supervised the work of the mill. Antonino Uccello was born in the 11 September 1922 Canicattini. Makes masterful studies in Noto, where the public first verses of poetry. In 1944 married Anna Caligiore and settled in P. Emigrated in 1947 in Lombardy and teaches in elementary schools of Brianza. In the cold northern fogs and it is born the idea of the Home-Museum. Comes from deep and urgent reasons are pressuring him for years: the loss of a cultural heritage of a people, that Sicilian, started in those years to a tragic and devastating exodus. Hence the urge, the "mission" all secular save objects in a culture devoted to the disappearance. In Brianza Bird carries many objects of rural culture and presents them in art exhibitions at the famous North galleries. These items (wooden spoons, collars, Orange Wood Cribs, wagon keys, iron sculptures "flowers" del carretto) were shuttling between Palazzolo and Brianza. He published the very first verse in Noto: were his classmates to "sponsor" his lyrics. But it was in Lombardy which is formed as a poet of refined culture: Milan attended the cultural circles are holding around Elio Vittorini and she mixed friendships with Ernesto Treccani, Piero Chiara, Luciano Budigna, Ugo Bernasconi, Tono Zancanaro. In this period come the first collections of poems: on the closed door (1957), Triale system (1957), The night of Ascension (1958).

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