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The Museo del Santuario di San Vito Lo Capo, housed in the buildings surrounding the Church and designed in ancient garrison and to the reception of pilgrims, is open in summer.
The Museum includes a large collection of precious sacred silverware, Paraty and a section dedicated to the cult of St. Vitus in Sicily and in Italy.
The architecture of the building, with its deposits, shows the evolution of the sanctuary through the centuries and looks like a very interesting mix of military construction items (the Spear Tower, the slits, guardaporte, etc ...), religious (the votive niches, the rose window, the campanile, etc. ..) and civil (noble staircase, la meridiana, balconies, etc.).
The first room is dedicated to silverware, mostly Sicilian Manufactory, which belong to different eras: the earliest are dated in the late 1500 's, the latest in the 21st century. The Hall also houses the most important work, the wooden statue of the immaculate conception of the 15th century, and an Ecce Homo in stucco, designed by Orazio Ferraro in the 16th century, delicate work, once placed on the main altar of the sanctuary.
The next room is the sala dei, of which the most important is the famous seventeenth-century chasuble of Green Velvet. The historic wallpapers coming from Palermo manufactories of the ' 700. Particularly significant is the collection of red-colored wallpaper, formed by cope, planet, dalmatic and tunicella.
Noble staircase showcases paintings, some by contemporary art. From the staircase you reach the room-interesting anthropological point of view-dedicated to popular devotion, presenting everyday objects as a gift to the Saint data: ex voto, woodcuts, CHROMOS, santini, statutette, pottery and paintings on glass from Italy and Europe.
The Hall also boasts significant gifts by countries of San Vito in Italy, including "centa" (mixture of candles) shepherds Irpinia (St. Gregory the great) and the model of the sanctuary of San Vito di Nole (Turin).
We come finally to the terraces from where you can enjoy a superb panorama.

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