VIA UMBERTO I 39 (Latina)

A Museum of great interest in Latina is the Museum of Numismatics, Medals engraved graphics and photography, named for Vaas. There are numerous graphic works and medals make between the 18TH and the 19th century, by artists of undoubted importance. the Museum is worth a visit especially as evidenced by recent events stroiche via a heterogeneous collection of materials and documents. Among the artists whose works are exhibited in the Museum should remember Cambellotti, Carrà, Giorgi, Costantini, Rills, Chigi della Rovere, D'antino, beautiful, Ganapathi, Papi, Valeriani and many others. Inside the Museum there is also an exhibition of photographic exhibits, referring to the birth of Latin (ancient Littoria) and other fascist city. These photographs are also an important testimony of fascist propaganda. Are present in the Museum, as well as sculptures, plaster sketches and ex libris. The Numismatic Museum was formed, especially, with the donation of documents or objects of interest by various families, who have been involved in local historical events

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