Museum of Cinema-Mole Antonelliana

Via Montebello 20 (Turin)

Oggi: Chiuso

B 24 °

The Mole Antonelliana is the symbol of the city of Turin and one of the symbols of Italy. The name of the Mole comes from the name of the architect Alessandro Antonelli who has designed. Taking the panoramic elevator inside the dome you can enjoy a wonderful view of Turin.

Inside the Mole Antonelliana houses the National Museum of Cinema. In the museum there are magic lanterns, film equipment ancient and modern pieces from the sets of famous films and other memorabilia national and international. Along the exhibition, there are spaces dedicated to all the figures that contribute to the realization of a film. The exhibition also includes a collection of movie posters and the ground floor reconstruction of locations taken from famous films such as the film Cabiria by Giovanni Pastrone.

This is the museum with greater extended height of the world and certainly one of the most famous and visited the city. The National Cinema Museum hosts many festivals, the most important and prestigious of which is the Turin Film Festival.

The Mole is one of the most photographed and loved by both tourists and the local Turin. As a symbol of the city is often inserted in the paths of Magic Turin because of its particularly elongated hub of energy esoteric.

If you are in Turin at Christmas time and were passeggiandoper the old town is definitely worth seeing the installation called "The Flight of the numbers"! Since 1998, in fact, on the occasion of the re-definition of the exterior lighting and the birth of the "Luci d'Artista", on the south side of the Mole you can see this installation projector, designed by Mario Merz, characterized by the Fibonacci mathematical series that s 'rises to the sky. At night, it lights red during special events or periods of celebrations of the city.

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