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The Mint Museum consists of approximately 20,000 publications: coins, medals, coinage and sketches in wax.
The coins include a rich collection of Italian and Foreign Countries from the middle ages to the present day and an interesting nucleus of studies for coinage, and coins test projects.
The collection of medals include three main cores of particular historic and artistic interest. The first consists of Papal medals (1913), the second group is made up of religious medals, also called of devotion, of the 18th and 19th centuries,
the third group includes the medals of the 20th century, works by Italian and foreign artists. In this core there are also numerous works from donations, including the collection of merged medals of Orlando Paladino Orlandini (1905-1986).
The "core" issue "items" includes coin and punches the Papal collection and part of those used for devotional medals.
The Museum is enhanced by a collection of sketches in wax for medals, cameos, auxiliary material for the production of works that takes on the value and interest of realization. The largest group (425 waxes) is represented by the work Of Benedetto (1784-1855). Roman engraver played most of its activity to the Royal Mint in London, where he made the pound of gold which the museum displays the original model. Also waxes are Joseph (1808-1877) and Francesco Bianchi (1842-1918), father and son, the Papal Mint engravers in the second half of the 19th century.

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